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Convert Excel to HTML With Embedded JavaScript. Excel to HTML Conversion

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SpreadsheetConverter Versions: <<<SpreadsheetConverter  (HTML/JavaScript) | Excel ASP.Net >>>|
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6 Excel chart types are supported In All Versions. Click to see live examples Pie Charts , Column Charts , Bar Charts , Line Charts , Scatter (xy) Charts & Radar Charts. In addition, SpreadsheetConverter supports more than 170 most common functions in standard and 240 functions in professional

Excel users create web forms

At last you can create forms for the web without the help of a programmer. All you need is Microsoft Excel.

Your web forms can have embedded calculations and validations. The entered data is collected and made available to you. Typical examples are:

Expense reports: let the employees fill in expense reports online from anywhere in the world. Sums are update directly when entered, just as they do in Excel.

Surveys like course evaluation

Order forms: Using SpreadsheetConverter  is the fastest way to publish a order form on the web. Totals, VAT, shipping is not problem.

Reservation forms

Employment application: Web forms helps you get more structured answers.

Features and Benefits

Instantaneous response: All calculations and validations are done immediately when the user presses tab. Everything is done in the browser. No communication with the web server.

Flawless number formatting: If you set the format in Excel, all entered data is directly formatted. For example if the users enters 10 into a field with 2 decimals, it will be replaced by 10.00, and if the user enters 5 into a percentage field, it will be replaced by 5%.

Easy to use web pages: Create forms with dropdown menus, checkboxes, radio buttons, large text fields, list boxes in a breeze.

Perfect looking web pages: Inherits the formatting from Excel: font, size, font color, background color, borders, border types, images. The web page looks just like the Excel spreadsheet.

Excel isn't needed. Once the web page is create, Excel is not required. Your web server doesn't need Excel, and your users doesn't need Excel. Even if Excel is all around, not employees have it, and private persons seldom have it.

It takes only seconds to download and show the web form: If you enable the compression of your web server, the typical download is only 10-20 KB. The small download together with the fact that SpreadsheetConverter  doesn't rely on any plug-ins like Java or Flash, results in very quick response. Even over a modem, the user will see your form within seconds.

SpreadsheetConverter  is a unique product

Only SpreadsheetConverter  to HTML works on all web servers, since the we do the calculations using JavaScript. JavaScript is always supported.

Only SpreadsheetConverter  has royalty-free distribution. No extra per server fees.

I must say this is a VERY NEAT product. Slick functionality and a reasonable price. I will be telling MANY others about this product!!!
Dale Schwan, Information Systems Director

Thank You and I am extremely satisfied with your product!
All the Best, Peter Redling

Thank You for your great product! It has saved use a huge amount of time.
Brent, Web designer

Superior support

We guarantee the best support. 6 month email support included in all products. We promise answers by the next business day, but within an hour is our goal.

SpreadsheetConverter  is a mature product. SpreadsheetConverter  has been for sale since 2002. We constantly add new value to the product. Free updates within your major version, so if you buy version 3.1, all 3.x are for free. If we release new versions within 6 month from your purchase, the upgrade to the new version will not cost you anything.

I am absolutely amazed at the speed of your response. Thank you very much. Your product is outstanding and your support is equal to the product.
Alan Milner

The support your company provides is fantastic.
Regards, Darren, Webhosting company


SpreadsheetConverter  only costs $97-$149 per developer. Most customers only need a single license.

If your personnel costs are $70/hour, using SpreadsheetConverter  once for a single form is enough to motivate the purchase.

SpreadsheetConverter  is easy too use. You will be creating your first web forms within minutes. No time-consuming training is necessary.

The installation took 5 minutes, and working out how to convert the sheet into an ASP.NET page took another 5 minutes without reading any documentation.
Russel Thoms

No Risk!

No risk, 30 days money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied, just send us an email, and we will cancel your purchase and refund you the money.

Requirements for using Excel SpreadsheetConverter  for HTML

Requirements for the end user accessing the resulting web pages:

In addition to your 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee
WHEN YOU BUY YOU GET 6 Months Free Support (12 Months For Professional Editions)

See: SpreadsheetConverter For Key Features/Benefits for All Versions.

Examples of demos SpreadsheetConverter | Compare Versions | Standard VS Professional | Supported Functions Pro | Supported Functions Standard

The Professional Edition allows you to redistribute your webpage outside your own organization, it supports more functions, and more chart types. It also includes a 6-month license for the Advanced Submit Service, a form-to-Inbox service that e-mails all submitted forms directly to your Inbox or saves them in a database. The email looks just like the web form the visitor filled in.

SpreadsheetConverter  Version & Details Cost Buy Now
SpreadsheetConverter HTML/JavaScript Standard  $127.00
SpreadsheetConverter HTML/JavaScript Professional $247.00
SpreadsheetConverter ASP and ASP.NET Standard  $187.00
SpreadsheetConverter ASP and ASP.NET Professional $357.00



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