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Microsoft EXCEL Charting Links & SEARCH

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These Charting Links For Excel Are in no Particular Order

Ozgrid Charting Pages: All Excel charts examples here are the brain-child of Andy Pope who is a regular poster on this forum.  He is also a well deserved Microsoft Most Valuable Person (MVP)

AJP Excel Information: Excel Charting techniques, solutions and examples

ProcessTrends: Enhanced Data Visualization with Effective Excel Charts

Jon's Excel and Charting Pages: Tutorials, tips, and tricks relating to effective and innovative charting in Microsoft Excel

Tushar Mehta: It is possible to create a variety of different visual displays of data in Excel.  Most people use nothing more than the handful of built in Excel charts.  Yet, with a little creativity and some understanding of what Excel will actually handle, one can create a wide variety of displays.

From Microsoft

Glossary of Charting Terminology

Overview of Built-in Chart Types

How Chart Axis Limits Are Determined

Using Defined Names to Automatically Update a Chart Range

Create a Gantt Chart Using Hours as the Scale 

Create a BoxPlot/Box & Whisker Chart

Visual Basic Module to Create a Gantt Chart

Automatically Set Min and Max Scale for Y-Axis

Programmatically Print All Embedded Charts on Worksheet

Macro to Extract Data from a Chart

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