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Student Grading Calculator



Grade Student in Excel With This Grading Calculator

Student Grade Calculator

Student Grade Calculator makes it easy for teachers to immediately calculate the weighted grade for up to 40 students. Teachers are very busy people, often instructing several classes. Students may have several assignments, each worth a certain portion of their grade. If students are graded xx% on an assignment worth xx% of their grades, and they have to turn in xx assignments, the complexity for calculating the grade for all students can quickly become a burden.

Student Grade Calculator for Excel makes easy work of grading students. It quickly weights the students grades on a per-assignment basis. For example, you have 5 papers and 2 tests. The tests are each worth 25% of the student's grades. Each paper is 10% of the grade. Student Grade Calc automatically weights the grade for each assignment and calculates the student's course grade.

When you purchase Student Grade Calculator for Excel, you will receive an unrestricted template that you can modify or change to suit your needs

Get Student Grade Calculator for Excel, and stop worrying about how to calculate your weighted course grade! What used to take hours to do by hand can now be done in just minutes.

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