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Random Shift Scheduling

Random Shifts Scheduling is for Assigning Volunteers to Daily Work Shifts for up to 52 Weeks

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The Series S5- Random Shifts Excel spreadsheets are for assigning volunteers to daily work shifts for up to 52 weeks and the S5- Random Tasks spreadsheet assigns tasks to up to 200 people on a random (impartial) basis and has many applications in volunteer management.

The spreadsheets work on both PC and Mac platforms and require the Microsoft Excel software

We would like to let you know that we have just updated our scheduling spreadsheets to let you put your schedules on your PDA, Smart Phone and Outlook Calendar for easy reference. A text file in standard vCalendar format is created by the spreadsheet that can be saved on your computer and imported into Outlook for viewing and transfer to your PDA or Smart Phone.

The Series S5-Random spreadsheets come in sizes to impartially schedule 25, 50, 100 or 200 people to 3 shifts or to randomly assign up to 100 jobs to up to 100 people.

This special set of spreadsheets can help you manage all of your volunteers.

Do you have 100 people that you need to randomly assign to 21 tasks? Do you have thousands of volunteer hours that you need to impartially assign to daily work shifts? Do you need "volunteers" to do extra chores around the office, like make the coffee, get the mail, etc.? Are you tired of people complaining about their shift or task assignments? Are you tired of rolling dice, drawing straws, picking cards and other methods to impartially assign people to tasks or work shifts.

If this sounds familiar, we suggest that you try one of our Random Assignment Scheduling spreadsheets.

The "computer" does the scheduling in a completely random manner so your people will have no basis for complaining about their assignments.

Series 5a -  Random Shifts Spreadsheets Have the Following Features:

Randomly Schedules up to 100 People to up to 3 Shifts Per Day

Assigns One Person or Group to Each Shift

Can Assign More Than One Shift Per Day to a Single Person

Uses Employee Shift Preferences

Uses Daily Shift Start and Stop Times

Produces Individual and Group Schedules for up to 52 Weeks

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SchedulerBrief OverviewCostDownload DemoBuy Now
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Complex-50RUp to 50 Employees $199.00Download Demo You will be able to download your software immediantley after purchase
Complex-100RUp to 100 Employees $299.00Download Demo You will be able to download your software immediantley after purchase
Complex-200RUp to 200 Employees $399.00Download Demo You will be able to download your software immediantley after purchase

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