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Excel 2007 Developer Reference

Getting Started
What's New
How Do I... in Excel 2007
Excel Object Model Reference

These Excel 2007 VBA Links Are in no Particular Order. See also Excel 2007

Interactive: Excel 2003 to Excel 2007 command reference guide. This guide covers the most popular commands from Excel 2003. For the complete list of command equivalents, download the Excel ribbon mapping workbook. See Also EXCEL 2007 DOWNLOADS, TUTORIALS, DEMOS & HOW TO

A discussion of what's new in Microsoft Excel 2007 Run by David Gainer of Microsoft

Microsoft Office Standard 2007, Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007, and Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 suites comparison

So what is new in Excel 2007?

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Excel 2007 Developer Reference

New Objects, Collections, and Enumerations

New Members and Constants

Object Model Changes Since Microsoft Office 97

Object Model Changes Since Microsoft Office 2000

Object Model Changes Since Microsoft Office XP (2002)

Object Model Changes Since Microsoft Office 2003

Object Model Reference

Excel Object Model Reference
Excel Object Model Map
AboveAverage Object
Action Object
Actions Object
AddIn Object
AddIns Object
Adjustments Object
AllowEditRange Object
AllowEditRanges Object
Application Object
Areas Object
AutoCorrect Object
AutoFilter Object
AutoRecover Object
Axes Object
Axis Object
AxisTitle Object
Border Object
Borders Object
CalculatedFields Object
CalculatedItems Object
CalculatedMember Object
CalculatedMembers Object
CalloutFormat Object
CellFormat Object
Characters Object
Chart Object
ChartArea Object
ChartColorFormat Object
ChartFormat Object
ChartFillFormat Object
ChartGroup Object
ChartGroups Object
ChartObject Object
ChartObjects Object
Charts Object
ChartTitle Object
ChartView Object
ColorFormat Object
ColorScale Object
ColorScaleCriteria Object
ColorScaleCriterion Object
ColorStop Object
ColorStops Object
Comment Object
Comments Object
ConditionValue Object
Connections Object
ConnectorFormat Object
ControlFormat Object
CubeField Object
CubeFields Object
CustomProperties Object
CustomProperty Object
CustomView Object
CustomViews Object
Databar Object
DataLabel Object
DataLabels Object
DataTable Object
DefaultWebOptions Object
Dialog Object
Dialogs Object
DialogSheetView Object
DisplayUnitLabel Object
DownBars Object
DropLines Object
Error Object
ErrorBars Object
ErrorCheckingOptions Object
Errors Object
FillFormat Object
Filter Object
Filters Object
Floor Object
Font Object
FormatColor Object
FormatCondition Object
FormatConditions Object
FreeformBuilder Object
Graphic Object
Gridlines Object
GroupShapes Object
HeaderFooter Object
HiLoLines Object
HPageBreak Object
HPageBreaks Object
Hyperlink Object
Hyperlinks Object
Icon Object
IconCriteria Object
IconCriterion Object
IconSet Object
IconSetCondition Object
IconSets Object
Interior Object
IRtdServer Object
IRTDUpdateEvent Object
InteriorGradientStop Object
LeaderLines Object
InteriorGradientStops Object
Legend Object
LegendEntries Object
LegendEntry Object
LegendKey Object
LinearGradient Object
LineFormat Object
LinkFormat Object
ListColumn Object
ListColumns Object
ListDataFormat Object
ListObject Object
ListObjects Object
ListRow Object
ListRows Object
Mailer Object
ModuleView Object
MultiThreadedCalculation Object
Name Object
Names Object
ODBCConnection Object
ODBCError Object
ODBCErrors Object
OLEDBConnection Object
OLEDBError Object
OLEDBErrors Object
OLEFormat Object
OLEObject Object
OLEObjects Object
Outline Object
Page Object
Pages Object
PageSetup Object
Pane Object
Panes Object
Parameter Object
Parameters Object
Phonetic Object
Phonetics Object
PictureFormat Object
PivotAxis Object
PivotCache Object
PivotCaches Object
PivotCell Object
PivotField Object
PivotFields Object
PivotFilter Object
PivotFilters Object
PivotFormula Object
PivotFormulas Object
PivotItem Object
PivotItemList Object
PivotItems Object
PivotLayout Object
PivotLine Object
PivotLineCells Object
PivotLines Object
PivotTable Object
PivotTables Object
PlotArea Object
Point Object
Points Object
Protection Object
PublishObject Object
PublishObjects Object
QueryTable Object
QueryTables Object
Range Object
Ranges Object
RecentFile Object
RecentFiles Object
RectangularGradient Object
Research Object
RoutingSlip Object
RTD Object
Scenario Object
Scenarios Object
Series Object
SeriesCollection Object
SeriesLines Object
ServerViewableItems Object
ShadowFormat Object
Shape Object
ShapeNode Object
ShapeNodes Object
ShapeRange Object
Shapes Object
Sheets Object
SheetViews Object
SmartTag Object
SmartTagAction Object
SmartTagActions Object
SmartTagOptions Object
SmartTagRecognizer Object
SmartTagRecognizers Object
SmartTags Object
Sort Object
SortField Object
SortFields Object
SoundNote Object
Speech Object
SpellingOptions Object
Style Object
Styles Object
Tab Object
TableStyle Object
TableStyleElement Object
TableStyleElements Object
TableStyles Object
TextEffectFormat Object
TextFrame Object
TextFrame2 Object
ThreeDFormat Object
TickLabels Object
Top10 Object
TreeviewControl Object
Trendline Object
Trendlines Object
UniqueValues Object
UpBars Object
UsedObjects Object
UserAccess Object
UserAccessList Object
Validation Object
VPageBreak Object
VPageBreaks Object
ValueCollection Object
Walls Object
Watch Object
Watches Object
WebOptions Object
Window Object
Windows Object
Workbook Object
WorkbookConnection Object
Workbooks Object
Worksheet Object
WorksheetFunction Object
Worksheets Object
WorksheetView Object
XmlDataBinding Object
XmlMap Object
XmlMaps Object
XmlNamespace Object
XmlNamespaces Object
XmlSchema Object
XmlSchemas Object
XPath Object



Returning an Object from a Collection

Setting Control Properties

Language-Specific Properties, Methods, and Functions

OLE DB for OLAP Properties Used by Excel 2007


Workbooks and Worksheets

Cells and Ranges

Controls, Dialog Boxes, and Forms

Events, Worksheet Functions, and Shapes

Working with Other Applications

How Do I... in Excel


How to: Create a Workbook
Describes how to create a workbook using Excel 2007.
How to: Refer to More Than One Sheet
Describes how to refer to more than one worksheet in Excel 2007.
How to: Refer to Sheets by Index Number
Describes how to refer to worksheets by index number.
How to: Refer to Sheets by Name
Describes how to refer to worksheets by name.

Cells and Ranges

How to: Reference Cells and Ranges
Describes how to reference cells and ranges in order to do enter formulas or change formats.
How to: Refer to All the Cells on the Worksheet
Describes how to refer to all cells on a worksheet.
How to: Refer to Cells and Ranges by Using A1 Notation
Describes how to refer to cells and ranges by using A1 notation.
How to: Refer to Cells by Using a Range Object
Describes how to refer to cells by using a Range object.
How to: Refer to Cells by Using Index Numbers
Describes how to refer to cells by using index numbers.
How to: Refer to Cells by Using Shortcut Notation
Describes how to refer to cells by using shortcut notation.
How to: Refer to Cells Relative to Other Cells
Describes how to refer to cells relative to other cells.
How to: Refer to Multiple Ranges
Describes how to refer to multiple ranges.
How to: Refer to Named Ranges
Describes how to refer to named ranges.
How to: Refer to Rows and Columns
Describes how to refer to rows and columns in Excel.

Controls, Dialog Boxes, and Forms

How to: Add Controls to a Document
Describes how to add controls to a document.
How to: Add Controls to a User Form
Describes how to add controls to a user form.
How to: Create a Custom Dialog Box
Describes how to create a custom dialog box.
How to: Create a User Form
Describes how to create a user form.

Technical Articles

Developing Add-ins (XLLs) in Excel 2007

Implementing Week-Numbering Systems and Date/Time Representations in Excel 2007

Improving Performance in Excel 2007

Visual How Tos

Creating Basic Column Charts in Excel 2007

Office Open XML Formats: Retrieving Excel 2007 Cell Values

Office Open XML Formats: Retrieving Lists of Excel 2007 Worksheets

Saving Workbooks to PDF and XPS Formats in Excel 2007


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