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Vehicle & Car Loan-Lease Analyzer


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Vehicle & Car Loan-Lease Analyzer allows you to quickly calculate lease and loan payments as well as compare the true overall cost of your lease versus purchase. This will allow you to determine whether leasing truly is the better option even if the payment amount is significantly lower than borrowing. Prepared to be surprised! Want even more money saving tools? The Loan Amortization Schedules included allow you to generate flexible schedules that allow extra, skipped and varying payment amounts. Amortization Tables, a Solve for Missing Number calculator, plus dozens of financial calculators round out this offering.

Vehicle Car Loan/Lease Analyzer is a powerful yet simple to use tool that allows you to quickly calculate car loan and lease payments, compare the true cost of ownership versus leasing, and generate flexible loan schedules that go far beyond the static schedules provided by others.

Know exactly what your lease payment should be. Knowing the negotiated price, interest rate (or Money Factor) and residual value is enough to determine what the lease payment should be. Don't let yourself be deceived by hidden fees and charges being added without your knowledge.

Know the true cost of a lease versus a purchase. Sometimes a lower lease payment can seem to be a better deal, but it isn't always so. Use the Compare Loan vs. Lease feature to see the true costs and make the right decision.

Need non-standard schedules? The Loan Amortization Schedules feature allows you to add any number of extra payments to a schedule as well as skip and change payments. No longer are you restricted to static tables that generate a schedule that offers no flexibility.

Want to save money? With Vehicle Car Loan/Lease Analyzer you can see immediately the impact that extra payments or an increased regular payment can have to the bottom line.

Like to play "what if" with your loan? The Loan Amortization Schedules is the ultimate tool for this. You can change any parameter affecting your loan including payment amounts and frequencies, interest rates and compounding methods as well as payment types including interest only loans

Do you need multiple Day Count Conventions? Most amortization programs only generate schedules for 30/360. We include 14 different Day Count Conventions including Actual/Actual that cover almost every type of loan in existence.

Missing a variable? If you need the quick answer to the missing variable, the Solve for Missing Number calculator will meet your needs. Solve for the payment amount, loan amount, interest rate or loan period at the click of a button.

Detailed and summary reports are at your fingertips. Generate detailed reports explaining your lease payment as well as loan versus lease comparisons. Also, create amortization schedule reports on demand that include annual summaries based upon any corporate year end. You choose the level of detail and the dates between which the report will be generated.

Want to create what if scenarios? See the effect of:

  • Adding any number of extra payments
  • Skipping/missing payments
  • Different payment types including interest only
  • Various Day Count Conventions including 30/360 and Actual/Actual
  • Different compounding methods including U.S. Rule (Simple Interest) and Canadian mortgages
  • Changing any payment amount
  • Switching to accelerated payments
  • Renegotiating interest rates
  • And much more

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