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Excel Spreadsheet Auditor

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Excel Add-in to Trace Cell Formulas Dependents/Precedents & More

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Excel Spreadsheet Auditor

Excel Spreadsheet Auditor is an Excel add-in which enables you to view Excel formulas in a different, friendlier manner. Excel Spreadsheet Auditor shows the origin of all links which exist between formulas of a chosen range. Also it shows any and all dependence links which may exist between formulas of a selected range.

Excel Spreadsheet Auditor has the tool "In block formula's analyzer" which you can to analyze with, in a specific range, a group of formulas and all the precedence/dependence connections between them, besides, its Link Manager tool allows you to perform a variety of operations with the external and internal links with a workbook.

Cell's Reference Tracker, is a versatile Excel Spreadsheet Auditor's tool allows you to navigate between the cells which originate and/or depend on a cell under observation. This works even through sheets contained in other workbooks.

Many times we would like to determine the origin of each of the cells forming part of a formula, including cells in other sheets, numeric values of the formula; and even cells originating from other workbooks, well, Decompose Formula is the exact tool for this task.

If you used some time the Trace Error tool of Excel, then you will love this enhanced Trace Error tool, because all of its results are very simple and friendlier to see.

Video: Excel Spreadsheet Auditor Map > Auditor Trouble Test > Cell References > Chart Analysis > Circular Reference Tracker >Error Tracker > Link Manager > Name Manager


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Microsoft Excel - From Beginner to Expert in 6 Hours

Microsoft Excel - From Beginner to Expert in 6 Hours/ EXCEL DASHBOARD REPORTS

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