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SparkMaker: Add-in for Microsoft Office

SparkMaker is an add-in for Microsoft Office that lets you create your own spark lines in Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and HTML documents.

Create Sparklines in Excel, Word, PowerPoint & HTML Documents

Sparklines, a concept invented by Edward Tufte , compress large amounts of data into intense, word-sized graphics, like

bars lines whiskers pie charts

Excel functions for dynamic spark-lines

A set of user-defined functions for Excel XP (2002) or above lets you generate spark lines that automatically update whenever data has changed. With simple expressions like "=Sparkline(...)", you can create cell-adherent, dynamic spark-lines directly in the cells of your Excel sheets. With these in-cell graphics, it is possible to design information-rich, dynamic controlling instruments for your business by adding concise visualization to your reports and analyses.

simple sparkline function in Excel

Multi-color spark-lines

Two variants of functions for spark-lines are provided by SparkMaker: single-color and multi-color sparkline functions. The benefit of single-color functions is that their result is displayed in the same cell in which the function itself is located. However, such functions do not allow to highlight subsections of a sparkline with different colors or display numerical values adjacent to the sparkline. For these purposes, SparkMaker offers multi-color sparkline functions which require two cells: one for the result (your sparkline) and one for the formula.



New sparkline font

SparkMaker makes use of TrueType Fonts to generate spark-lines, the so-called  SparkFonts. We now provide a new line font with unparalleled precision and clarity. It displays spark-lines on-screen with high quality even with low resolutions. This font permits you to design information-dense reports and dashboards. Print-outs of spark-lines are excellent.

Trend indicators for sparkline functions

Supplementary insight into your data is optionally provided by trend arrows that geometrically depict the course of the figure. You can now use these statistically grounded indicators in your dynamic sparkline functions (multi-color only).

Dynamic reports and dashboards in Excel

Below, an example of a monthly sales report features net revenues for several product categories and spark-lines are used to show the history of the last twelve months of revenues. This report clearly illustrates that notebook sales have decreased significantly and require management attention.

Sales report in Excel with spark-lines

Financial report

Sparklines on cell phones

Sparklines not only make sense as a powerful means to increase the analytical depth of a text, they can also add information where space is scarce. Imagine your company's most critical performance measures being sent to your cell-phone, while your away from the office. Or get the updated seasonal data of your favorite soccer team the minute the last game is over

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Microsoft Excel - From Beginner to Expert in 6 Hours/ EXCEL DASHBOARD REPORTS

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