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What-if Analysis Manager

Microsoft Excel - From Beginner to Expert in 6 Hours/ EXCEL DASHBOARD REPORTS

Excel Sensitivity Analyzer: "What If" Analysis & More!

What-if Analysis Manager?

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What is What-if Analysis Manager?-30 Day Money Back Guarantee

What if Analysis Manager is a tool which is powerful and simple to use, since, with What if Analysis Manager you will be able to perform sensitivity analyses on your Microsoft� Excel� models, obtaining results through three possibilities: tornado analysis, spider analysis and sensitivity tables.

Important characteristics

  • Affords a Wizard which is intuitive and easy to use.
  • 100% integrated with Microsoft� Excel�.
  • Intuitive and easy interpret reports.
  • Access to sensitivity models for quick updating and results viewing.
  • Automatic detection of input data.
  • Automatic detection of variables� headings.
  • The market�s most robust tool at the lowest price.

What is a sensitivity analysis (what if analysis)

Sensitivity Analysis (or Post-Optimization Analysis) studies the manner how the most optimal target solution or function (Output), would be affected by changes in the value of one or more parameters (Input) of a model, while the rest of them remain unchanged.

Tornado analysis

These charts show a graphical depiction of the changes produced in the target optimal solution or function whenever a specific quantity or value in your model�s parameters changes in a constant proportion. The Tornado Chart tells us that the greater the corresponding bar in the tornado chart, the greater the sensitivity and importance of that parameter to generate output.

Spider Analysis

This type of analysis makes it possible to make variations, by percentages, in the same amounts for all input variables. The more inclined a parameter�s line is to the horizontal line, the more significant the change in the value of the target optimal solution or function is whenever the parameter�s value changes.

Sensitivity Tables

It shows tables with constant variations of each input variable (variations which you define - with a base value, an increase value and a ceiling) and the effect of such changes in changes to output variables.

What if Analysis Manager is your best partner when developing a �WHAT-IF ANALYSIS�; process involving changes in the values of input cells, to see how they would affect the spreadsheet�s output (cells containing formulas).

What-if Analysis Manager is TOTALLY COMPATIBLE WITH EXCEL 97 (or above) AND WINDOWS 98 (or above).

View Demo > How To Videos > Cell Watcher > Create Breakeven Analysis > Create Multi Goal Seeker Analysis > Create Sensitivity Tables > Create Spider Analysis > Create Tornado Analysis > Manage Inputs> Manage Outputs > Manage Sensitivity Tables> Manage Spider Analysis > Manage Tornado Analysis> Run Goal Seeker Analysis > Run What-if Analysis

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