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True RAD for COM Add-ins / Plug-ins

Add-in Express is completely based on the Rapid Application Development (RAD) paradigm what makes the development of MS Office COM add-ins, plugins, smart tags and RTD servers much quicker. Add-in Express adds to each add-in project a COM Add-in specific module, the main project module, that implements the IDTExtensibility2 interface required by the COM Add-in technology. The add-in module is a .NET component and a container for other COM add-in components such as command bars and their controls. This module centralizes the general logic of the add-in, and allows a developer to add his own command bars or organize the built-in command bars with a couple of clicks. Its properties, methods and events provide an easy way to specify all add-in kinds, to get access to host application objects and to handle add-in and host events. By using the add-in module you can avoid the necessity to learn about the COM Add-in architecture.

True RAD add-in module for COM add-ins in .NET

True RAD for Smart Tags

For Smart Tag projects based on Add-in Express the same approach is used as for COM add-ins. The smart tag module encapsulates a smart tag library, a container for smart tag components. The smart tag module implements the ISmartTagRecognizer and ISmartTagRecognizer2 interfaces and shares one recognizer for several smart tag components. With the smart tag module you can create several smart tags inside the smart tag library, specify their properties and add  action lists to them.

True RAD tool for Smart Tags in C#, C++, J#, VB and Delphi

True RAD for RTD Servers

Add-in Express provides the same True RAD way for creating Excel RTD Servers. The RTD module centralizes all topics of the RTD Server and allows a developer to handle its events and, what is unique, to pass parameters to topics. The RTD module is a container for RTD topic components, items of the RTD function. The RTD module implements the IRtdServer interface.

Add-in Express .NET Start.

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