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Revenue Forecast Model

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Excel Revenue Forecast Model With Crystal Xcelsius

Excel is the industry staple for collecting and sorting data in a spreadsheet.  Unfortunately, that also tends to be the only thing that it’s used for.  What happens when you want to display your data in a way that persuades or compels people to take action?  What if your CEO wants to see only the critical KPI’s, and doesn’t care about the rest of the data?  What if you want to forecast your company’s annual sales growth using current market data?  In any and all of these cases, staring at dull spreadsheets full of numbers is not the most effective way to get the job done.  This is where Crystal Xcelsius comes into play.

Crystal Xcelsius is the easy Windows software that transforms your spreadsheets into interactive and compelling dashboards, graphs, charts, financial calculators, and much more.   Crystal Xcelsius is a data visualization tool that was designed for executives, analysts, and educators who are frustrated with creating data presentations that confuse or bore their audience. 

On the surface, Crystal Xcelsius simply appears to be a tool for viewing data in a new and simplified way.  You simply import your Excel spreadsheet into Crystal Xcelsius then map the values to one of 42 components and 9 charts.  The values instantly change to reflect whatever was written in your spreadsheet.

Revenue Forecast Model

For example, in this Revenue Forecast Model, the item categories have been linked with the category headings “Revenue, Bookings, Deferred, etc.”  This is done simply by importing your Excel spreadsheet into Crystal Xcelsius, clicking on the “Properties” tab of each gauge, then selecting a corresponding cell from your data.  The Crystal Xcelsius graph automatically updates itself with the new information.  Because Crystal Xcelsius outputs to Flash, the graph will have dynamic properties, such as having category values displayed when mousing over a category. 
But if all you’re doing in viewing data, then you’re not using Crystal Xcelsius to its full potential.  The power of Crystal Xcelsius comes from its’ ability to make your data interactive.  To do this, all you need to add a slider or gauge to your model, and associate it with any variable that you want to modify from your spreadsheet. 

Net Income Prediction Model

In this example, a gauge has been added that adjusts “Gross Sales Growth Rate,” as well as sliders that adjust “Sales Return as Allowances,” “Cost of Goods Sold,” etc.   By simply moving any of these components, you adjust the values of the entire graph.  The equivalent of doing this in Excel would be to manually re-enter new values in specific cells, then watch as your formulas spit out the adjusted result.  Crystal Xcelsius provides both you and your audience with a much more intuitive and entertaining way of adjusting data.
Once you’ve created an interactive model, you can export your work to Flash, PowerPoint, HTML, or an Outlook email.  This lets you share your work via any popular format, and ensures that you get your point across in an effective and efficient manner.

Executive Dashboard

Crystal Xcelsius is available in three editions: Crystal Xcelsius Standard is the perfect way to get started in the exciting area of interactive visual analytics. You get point-and-click ease, and all the functionality you need for unique and innovative data presentations including maps, charts, tools and extensive custom design capabilities.  Crystal Xcelsius Professional is for those who want to take their interactive visual analytics to the next level. You receive all the capabilities of Crystal Xcelsius Standard, plus key features like drill-down charts, one-click export to PDF, broad Excel function support, and more.  Finally, Crystal Xcelsius Workgroup is a versatile analytics solution, which lets you easily connect to virtually any existing enterprise or business intelligence data source. This means no matter what your company’s current BI data source, you can quickly connect it to interactive, custom-designed visual analytic models in days, not months.  Your model can be deployed over the web, allowing anyone in your organization to view and interact with the data.  This is highly effective in large organizations that depend on up-to-the-minute reports.
A free Crystal Xcelsius Trial is available for download.  The trial is fully with the exception that you cannot save your work.  You can also find additional example models, tutorials, and quick start guides to help you learn the program at the Crystal Xcelsius Learning Center

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