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Spreadsheet goal seeker  
The cell or range that you want to change is called: Define the cell / range to change . This item must always contains a formula or a function.
The value(s) or formula(s) you want to change to is called: Define the target value(s). Click on Define the target value(s) field and select the cell or range that contains the new values.
The part of the formula(s) that you want to change is called Changing the cell / range. This item must only contain values, not a formula or a function.
Click on the Changing the cell / range field, and select the cell or range you wish to change.
Click in the OK button.

Look at your spreadsheet and note how Spreadsheet Goal Seeker was changed the value of the cells and returns the result you wished.

Also, Spreadsheet Goal Seeker allows you to display the result from many adjustments at the same time. We will explain how to do it using an example simpler
Then, press the Ok button and one similar report sheet will be showed:

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