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Keys to Business Success

Microsoft Excel - From Beginner to Expert in 6 Hours/ EXCEL DASHBOARD REPORTS


Five Excel Add-Ins For Business Success Plus Instructional Workbooks. New Excel add-ins provide ready made solution models for forecasting, business economics, portfolio optimization, business resource optimization and material planning that you can use as Five Keys to Success in business and investing.

Keys to Success # 1. Forecasting.xla. To develop forecasts with a high level of accuracy gives you the a key to successful business planning. Use Forecast.xla and produce fast and accurate time series forecasts incorporating best fit equations (choose the most accurate forecasting model) using moving averages, exponential smoothing, regression and exponential smoothing with a trend (double exponential smoothing).

Keys to Success # 2. Investment Economics.xla. To be able to forecast investment returns with a high level of accuracy gives you a key to achieving successful business investments. Economics.xla produces fast and accurate financial models that determine the time value of money returns from your business investment projects. Provides Net Worth & IRR calculations, pay back. Compare an infinite number of alternative projects.

Keys to Success # 3. Portfolio Allocation Optimization.xla. To learn how to balance acceptable risk with real measured rates of return from stocks held in any securities portfolio successfully gives you a key to successful investing. Portfolio.xla optimizes portfolios (percentage holdings for a mix of stocks) for any number of securities using LP (linear programming) optimization software. No knowledge or experience with linear programming is required (the add-in creates the model and solves for the maximized solution).

Keys to Success # 4. Process Flow (Materials and Resources).xla. Plan for maximum profits, locate resource bottlenecks, defines current constraints on materials or resources on hand using Process.xla. Process.xla gives you the key for business success using LP (linear programming) optimization software to calculate the maximum profit process flow. No knowledge or experience with linear programming is required (the add-in creates the model and solves for the maximized solution). Process.xla constructs materials and resource flow models that mirror your operations, locates bottlenecks, finds most profitable utilization of materials and resources.

Keys to Success # 5. MRP.xla.. The MRP add-in create dynamic materials requirement planning (MRP) spreadsheets and tables that optimizes the least cost solution for users' manufacturing requirements. Including material purchasing, defines minimum inventory levels, least cost production scheduling. No previous experience with MRP is required. The add-in creates the MRP spreadsheets.

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Keys to Business Success  $125.95 Payment Problems/Options Download the entire Collection plus instructional templates in one zip file.

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