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Excel Charts To PowerPoint FAQs

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Q: What EzPaste© can do for me?

A: EzPaste© is an Excel® add-in intended for completely automating and managing the otherwise manual and tedious process of copying and pasting objects from Excel® to PowerPoint®. EzPaste© identifies automatically all the objects in the active Excel® file. You just have to select which objects to paste and at which order. EzPaste© will then do all the work

Q: Which objects in Excel®, does EzPaste© identify as potential for pasting to PowerPoint®?

A: EzPaste© identifies automatically 3 types of objects:-

o Embedded charts in a regular Excel® sheet

o Charts located in separate Chart-Sheet

o Tables of data

Q: How do I get to EzPaste© features?

A: EzPaste© is installed as a regular Excel® Add-In. Once installed, a new menu item "EzPaste©" is created in the regular Excel® command bar menu. All EzPaste© features are available from that menu item

Q: Should I have to redefine the EzPaste© settings, each time I reopen the same Excel® file?

A: Not at all! Each time EzPaste© is closed, all the settings are saved along with the Excel® file to which it refers. Reopening the Excel® file will automatically make its settings available to EzPaste©

Q: How EzPaste© knows to what PowerPoint® file to paste the Excel® Objects?

A: EzPaste© monitors which PowerPoint® file is open and active. The objects will be pasted to that file in 2 possible modes:

· To new slides automatically added to the active PowerPoint® file

· To predefined slide numbers in the active PowerPoint® file

Before pasting takes place, EzPaste© will indicate you how many objects will be pasted and to what PowerPoint® file, and ask for confirmation

Q: How do I know which objects have been identified by EzPaste©?

A: EzPaste© shows the list of objects in its Main Form. A preview window in the Form displays the picture of each selected object in the list

Q: Is there a limit to the number of objects that could be pasted with EzPaste©?

A: No!

Q: How does EzPaste© know in what order to paste objects to PowerPoint®?

A: The question is only relevant when the Pasting mode is "New slides automatically added". In that mode, you can move up and down each object in the list in order to reflect the desired pasting order. An automatic numerator will indicate the pasting order.

In "Predefined slide numbers" mode, each object is pasted to its target slide according to the slide number allocated in EzPaste©

Q: How does EzPaste© identify which tables of data are relevant for pasting?

A: EzPaste© provides a built-in utility for creating Tables of data in Excel®. EzPaste© identifies tables according to the name they have been assigned. Only tables of data with a specific name are identified by EzPaste©. The name serves as a fixed reference address for that table, regardless of the data inside the table.

Q: How does EzPaste© know how to position pasted objects in the PowerPoint® slides?

A: EzPaste© enables you to control the exact positioning of the objects in the target PowerPoint® slides. It provides a visual utility in order to set the slides layout

Q: In what Format are Excel® objects pasted in PowerPoint®?

A: Objects from Excel® may be pasted as flat Pictures (that could not be edited within PowerPoint®) or as Excel® objects (that could be edited within PowerPoint®, by double clicking on them). By default, EzPaste© pastes objects as Pictures (it is much faster and the resulting PowerPoint® file is smaller). Nevertheless, you could choose to paste as Excel® editable objects. You could also use both modes in the same pasting session

Q: In what Picture format are Excel® objects pasted in PowerPoint®, if I choose to paste as Picture?

A: Two formats are available: Enhanced metafile or Bitmap. The former is the default as it usually gives much better results

Q: What if I want to select only one object and paste it to the active PowerPoint® slide?

A: No problem! A special button on the EzPaste©, "Paste Express", main form enables to perform that quick process

Q: Could I control the pasting process from PowerPoint® and not from Excel®?

A: Yes! once EzPaste© main form is loaded, you may use it while you are in PowerPoint® (or anywhere else). The form will display the list of objects in the active Excel® file

Q: Why the pasting process takes sometimes more time than usual?

A: The probable reason is that the pasting format mode is "Excel® editable objects" which takes longer time than the format mode "Picture", due to the fact that not only the object is pasted but also a lot of information about the spreadsheet that contains it

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Microsoft Excel - From Beginner to Expert in 6 Hours/ EXCEL DASHBOARD REPORTS

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