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Manage Lists In Excel With The Ozgrid List Manager

Microsoft Excel - From Beginner to Expert in 6 Hours/ EXCEL DASHBOARD REPORTS


Transpose Excel Lists, Fill Blanks In between and More...

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Single user license =2 users 2 computers| Unlimited user license = unlimited users unlimited computers | Resellers user license = Do anything you like with the add-in, including rebranding and reselling. That is, NO RESTRICTIONS AT ALL. Please email the support address and include your order number so we can send you the code password. Resellers user license ONLY

The Ozgrid list manager is 3 Excel add-ins in-one. You can buy them separately, or in a bundle at a discount.

  1. Fill Blanks Between Cell Rows
  2. Create Tables From Single Column Lists
  3. Transpose Single Columned Lists

Fill Blanks Between Cell Rows

Screen Shot

When setting up data in Excel it is good practice to ensure that all cells within a list are occupied. However, most people when creating a list in Excel will often leave a blank cell if the data for that cell is the same as the cell above, see example above. Having blanks to indicate a repeat item is really NOT the correct way to set up data in Excel. You will find you will encounter many problems when using such features as Excel Subtotals and Excel Pivot Tables to name only two. Excel expects, in most cases, for your related data to be set up in a continuous list or table.

The Fill Blanks Between Cell Rows add-ins does this in seconds, no matter how large the list.

 Fill Blanks Between Cell Rows $5.95 or buy all 3 for $9.95




Create Tables From Single Column Lists

Screen Shot

As regular Excel users know, Excel works best when data is laid out in a classic table format. When set-up like a table we can take advantage of Excels many features, like AutoFilter , Pivot Tables and many more. Unfortunately we cannot always dictate the lay-out of data as it is beyond our control.

Change Data Lists Laid Laid-out Like Below:

To a Classic Table Format Like Below;

In a blink of an eye.

Create Tables From Single Column Lists $5.95 or buy all 3 for $9.95




Transpose Single Columned Lists

Screen Shot

Excel is designed to work with continuous data laid out in a classic table/database format. If your data is NOT laid out in this format, you are NOT doing yourself any favors.

Note the setting of the "Unique Group Identifier" it uses the unique text "people on". That is, you use PART text for the "Unique Group Identifier"

Transpose Single Columned Lists $5.95

1) Fill Blanks Between Cell Rows + 2) Create Tables From Single Column Lists + 3 ) Transpose Single Columned Lists $9.95

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