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Bootstrap - A Non-Parametric Approach. Finance and Statistics Models

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Finance and Statistics Model Set Start <More Open Source & Learning Here>

Bootstrap - A Non-Parametric Approach

Bootstrap is a derivation of Monte Carlo technique introduced by Efron in 1979. It uses the re-sampling with replacement method (unlike the re-sampling with no replacement method that we used in the Lotto Number Generator example). It is a convenient tool to extract estimates (such as standard deviation and confident interval) from a non-parametric data set (a data set with no underling distribution is assumed) or estimates that do not have a closed form (cannot be expressed in an equation)..

Bootstrap - A Non-Parametric Approach

Finance and Statistics Model Set Start <More Open Source & Learning Here>

See Examples below;

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 Lotto Number Generator >
 Playing Card Probability >
 Normal Distribution Random Number Generator >
 Monte Carlo Integration >
 Black-Scholes Option Pricing Model - European Call and Put >
 Binomial Option Pricing Model >
 Portfolio Optimization >
 Multiple Regression >
 Bootstrap - A Non-Parametric Approach >
 Multivariate Standard Normal Probability Distribution >
 Monte Carlo Simulation >
 Option Greeks Based on Black-Scholes Option Pricing Model.

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