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Database Orchestra - MYSQL is an all-in-one SQL database development tool

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Mount your own SQL code and SQL tools into our framework

Developers, DBA's, and all occupations that work with MySQL databases have individual scripts they use on a daily basis. the ability to mount and run these within dbOrchestra is a real plus. We know what a drag it can be when a tool comes along and threatens your current work practices.

An incredible SQL Editor that allows you to write and run queries in the same window
Our SQL Notepad is truly a market differentiator. Working in concert with our db browser one can quickly and effortlessly build complex queries, views, and stored procedures (and anything else you can do with sql for that matter). One can easily save their work to a file or ftp to a remote site within dbOrchestra. In a single keystroke run the query and review the results in the same window as the sql code. Or, you can run the query and save the results directly to an Excel spreadsheet. You can have as many SQL Notepad windows open as they want.

Totally cool data entry wizard
Everyone that works with MySQL databases has the need to enter a row or two of data into the database. Most of us need to do this on a daily basis. Doing so is a real pain, lots of typing, and most of the time we end up using the application to do so or creating our own homegrown sql insert scripts that we open and re-tweak. Of course such scripts are not real practical in trying to cover databases that contain hundreds of tables. We have a function that allows one to quickly use an existing row of data as a template, make quick changes and insert a new row. No one in the market has this functionality. In our 20 years working with relational databases we have never seen a tool with this feature.

Learning large databases does not have to be so hard!
Learning a new robust database design can be a real challenge. we were actually witness to a company that switched its legacy product to sql. They almost went out of business largely because of the difficulty the seasoned analysts and database professionals (clients and internal staff) that knew the legacy product struggled in learning the new product. Also, not all database professionals have access to E-R diagrams or expensive case tools that represent entity relationships. dbOrchestra inherently maps parent-child, child-parent relationships (and all the grandchildren). It is easy to build queries that join these entities, it is a great tool to quickly figure out cardinal relationships between tables. This feature is truly profound and sets us apart.

Multiple MySQL database and data tools under the same roof
There are a lot of standalone tools that allow data and schema comparisons between source and target systems. Our competition sells these tools at a cost that is many times the cost of our entire product. We are the swiss army knife of database development software.
Quickly build and maintain multiple instances of your MySQL databases
It is a common practice to maintain and manage multiple implementations of your database (sales, training, qa/test, development, etc...). This is a very hard thing to do. Actually this is one of the hardest things we all have to do in the general scope of database management. Our DB Builder, Data Manager, and Schema Manager, and Export/Import functions that are part of the same UI make this a lot less of a heartache.

You don't need a pocket protector to generate SQL Code
GUI DB tools hide one from knowing how to write sql code, are proprietary and have a learning curve and can lock you into a particular vendor's way of doing business. This is fine until you switch vendors or have to work where you do not have access to the tool (quite a common occurrence especially when working directly on client systems). One is then dead in the water. Writing native sql code is typically reserved for the geeks, not to mention can be tedious and time consuming. dbOrchestra is a bridge between both these realities. You don't have to be a geek and remember syntax or engage in error prone typing. dbOrchestra generates most of the code for you (pretty much all but the sorting and row restriction code, which given our experience is very easy to teach to others)

Excel , Excel, and more Excel and MySQL
Having worked in this business so long we have observed how much people like to use Excel to manage data. Flat representations of data are easier for many people to understand, and Excel is the preferred medium to use. dbOrchestra's ability to take a query (of any complexity) and quickly export it to a spreadsheet is a real nice feature and allows db professionals to meet the data needs in their organization in a very quick and powerful way, yet still maintain the data in a database. There are many areas of our product that allow exporting data quickly to excel.

OEM or Private Label dbOrchestra
We will OEM (and private label) dbOrchestra. Being able to deliver our toolset as a standard toolset within the vendors product can be a major selling point in an RFP (especially since IT is usually involved and always has questions about how to administer and maintain the product, new releases, etc...) Our product represents many years of development efforts that application providers do not have the staff or resources to create or maintain.
Customize dbOrchestra for you or your client base.

We will customize dbOrchestra for clients. We have not ever met a database implementation, or product that does not have unique needs that are not addressed by standard toolsets (ours included). Our extensible architecture allows us to add client specific functionality and workflows.

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