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Barcode Reader for Windows or Linux

Read Barcodes from TIF & JPG Files Shell and 'C' API's. Barcode Types Include Code-25, Code-39, Code128, EAN-8, EAN-13, UPC-A and UPC-E

Barcode Sites:IDAutomation

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The control reads barcodes from TIF and JPG files using both Shell and 'C' API's. Supported barcode types include Code-25, Code-39, Code128, EAN-8, EAN-13, UPC-A and UPC-E.

Barcode Reader for Windows. Go To: Linux Barcode Reader

A comprehensive toolkit for reading barcodes from image files and bitmaps held in memory. Developers have a choice of 4 different types of interface and access to several example projects. The toolkit also includes free controls to display images and create Code 39 barcodes.

  • Read barcodes from images and memory bitmaps.
  • Barcode Reader DLL 
  • Barcode Reader ActiveX Control
  • Barcode Reader OCX
  • Barcode Reader COM Object
  • Barcode Reader .Net Component
  • Free Barcode Writing Control

The Softek Barcode Recognition SDK reads barcodes from image files and memory bitmaps.

Supported barcode types

CODE-39, CODE-128, CODE-2-of-5 Interleaved, Codabar, EAN-8, EAN-13, Patch Codes, UPC-A and UPC-E.

The following interfaces are available

Also Includes

Also Includes a free image viewer and Code 39 barcode creation control .

Barcode Reader DLL Interface

SoftekBarcode.dll (Windows system folder)

The DLL allows programmers to access the properties and methods of the toolkit via functions prefixed with "st". For example, the ScanBarcode method is called stScanBarcode and the LineJump property is set and retrieved using the functions stSetLineJump and stGetLineJump.

The files SoftekBarcode.lib and SoftekBarcode.h can usually be found in the folder "C:\Program Files\Softek Software\Barcode\DLL". This folder also contains the Visual Basic declarations in the file "Visual Basic.txt".

Sample VB Code:

n = stScanBarCode(strFilePath)
For i = 1 To n
   strBarcode = nullTrim(stGetBarString(i))
Next i

Function nullTrim(s As String) As String
   ' Trim the string to the null character
   Dim n As Integer
   n = InStr(s, Chr$(0))
   If (n > 0) Then
      nullTrim = Trim(Left(s, n - 1))
      nullTrim = Trim(s)
   End If
End Function

Barcode Reader Active X Control or OCX

SoftekBarcode.ocx (Windows system folder)

The Active X Control can be embedded in a form or dialog and the methods and properties of the toolkit accessed through the associated object. This interface is ideal for Visual Basic and Visual C++ - but may not be suitable for other development environments.

Sample VB Code:

n = SoftekBarcode1.ScanBarCode(strFilePath)
For i = 1 To n
   strBarcode = SoftekBarcode1.GetBarString(i)
Next i

Barcode Reader Visual Basic Wrapper Class

SoftekBarcode.vb (Usually in folder  "C:\Program Files\Softek Software\Barcode\DLL")

The wrapper class provides access to the DLL via a simple Visual Basic class. Most of the properties and methods of the toolkit are supported through this interface.

Sample VB Code:

Dim barcode As SoftekBarcode
n = barcode.ScanBarCode(strFilePath)
For i = 1 To n
   strBarcode = barcode.GetBarString(i)
Next i

Barcode Reader COM Object

SoftekATL.dll (Windows system folder)

The COM object allows access to most of the properties and methods in the toolkit, although some of the methods differ slightly in operation from the other interfaces.

Sample VB Code:

Set oBar = CreateObject("SoftekATL.Barcode")
n = oBar.BarCodeCount
For i = 1 To n
   strBarcode = oBar.barstring(i)
Next i

Barcode Reader 100% Managed .Net Component

SoftekBarcodeLib.dll (Windows system folder)

The managed component allows programmers working within the .Net framework to access most of the methods and properties of the toolkit. This interface is also thread safe.

Sample VB.Net Code:

Dim barcode As SoftekBarcodeLib.BarcodeReader
n = barcode.ScanBarCode(strFilePath)
For i = 1 To n
   strBarcode = barcode.GetBarString(i)
Next i

Creating Barcodes with the Code39Draw Control

The download also includes a free control for creating Code 39 barcodes. It's a simple but effective way to create barcodes.

Sample Visual Basic Code:

Code39draw1.BarCodeString = "ABCDEFGH"

Reading a Barcode from a bitmap held in memory

The toolkit is able to read barcodes from bitmaps held in memory. The ScanBarCodeFromBitmap method should be used for HBITMAP handles and the ScanBarCodeFromDIB method should be used for HDIB handles.

If you are using the DLL then the functions are called stScanBarCodeFromBitmap and stScanBarCodeFromDIB.

HBITMAP handles are used with device dependent bitmaps such as picture boxes in VB. HDIB handles are device independent bitmaps and are often used with imaging toolkits.

Barcode Reader for Linux

An ideal tool for developers and integrators on linux platforms. No programming experience is necessary to use the shell tool for reading barcodes from image files. Developers can access the advanced functionality of the toolkit by working with the 'C' API.

Read barcodes from TIF and JPG images.
Shell Tool/Command Line interface
'C' programmers API and example source code.
Create Code 39 barcodes as JPG files.

You can either use the toolkit through the ready to use program called bardecode...
$ ./bardecode -f file.jpg -t "code39|ean13"001600033610
or compile barcode recognition into your application using the 'C' programmers API.
#include "barcode.h"
char **bar_codes ;
char **bar_codes_type ;
int bar_count ;
void *hBarcode ;
hBarcode = STCreateBarCodeSession() ;
bar_count = STReadBarCode(hBarcode, file, 0, &bar_codes, &bar_codes_type) ;
for (i = 0; i < bar_count; i++)
   printf ("%s\n", bar_codes[i]) ; Compile either with the static library:
  • cc -o myprogram.c bardecode.a -ltiff -ljpeg
Or using the shared library:
  • cc -o myprogram.c -lbardecode -ltiff -ljpeg
Integrate with Fax2Send or Hylafax

The Softek Barcode Toolkit can be used with the popular linux fax products, Fax2Send and Hylafax to read barcodes from inbound fax messages. Barcoded order forms can be automatically indexed against customers or timesheets stored against contract workers.

Multi-Page TIF files

The Softek barcode Toolkit can read barcodes from any page in a TIF file. By default, it searches through the pages in the file until it finds a valid barcode and then stops. If it has difficulty reading a barcode then it continues looking through the file.

The "-m" flag modifies the behaviour to report all barcodes found in the file. If you want to restrict the search to a particular page then use the "-i" flag (e.g. to search only page 2 use "-i 2".

The bardecode command can also be used to split multi-page TIF files on pages where a barcode is found. e.g Say the 10 page image file.tif contains barcodes on pages 1 and 7 then the command:

bardecode -t "code39" -m -S newfile%d.tif file.tif

...will create one file called newfile1.tif of 6 pages and another called newfile2.tif of 4 pages.

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