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Course Outlines For Excel & Excel VBA Training


Excel Training Outline- All Levels


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Excel Training Course Outlines

Lesson Title Workbook
1 The Fundamentals of Excel  
2 Cut, Copy, Insert, Delete, Paste Special  
3 Custom Formatting, Undo, Redo  
4 Excel Formulas - The least you should know Yes
5 Useful functions and Paste Function Yes
6 Calc, Comments, Drawing toolbar, Edit Replace, Delete Clear  
7 Essential Printing Yes
8 Data Sorting, Hiding, AutoFormats Yes
9 Protection, Basic Charts, Basic Formatting  
10 If Function Yes
Lesson Title Workbook
1 Excel Fundamentals  
2 Worksheet Formulas  
3 Specific Worksheet Formulas Yes
4 Extract Data and Decision Making Yes
5 Data Validation and External References  
6 Advanced Filters, AutoFilters, Names Yes
7 Charts  
8 Under Utilised Features  
9 Protection, Shared Workbooks, Track Changes, Merging Shared Workbooks Yes (2)
10 Custom Views, Report Manager, Hyperlinks, Outlining Yes
Lesson Title Workbook
1 Advanced Formulas Yes
2 Advanced Filters, Text To Columns, Importing Text Files Yes
3 Pivot Tables 1 Yes
4 Pivot Tables 2 Yes
5 Pivot Tables 3 Yes
6 Scenarios, Goal Seek Yes
7 Data Tables and Consolidation Yes
8 Excel on the Web Yes
9 Macros 1
10 Macros 2 Yes


Lesson Title Workbook
1 The Fundamentals of Excel VBA, The Visual Basic Editor, Objects and Properties  
2 Excel Objects - Workbook Included, Object Hierarchy, Application, Workbook, Worksheet, Range, CommandBars Yes
3 Variables and Constants, Data types, Variable Levels, Declaring Variables, Constants Yes
4 Loops, Types of Loops, Loop Pitfalls Yes
5 Effective Decision Making, If/And/Or, Select Case, Dates and Times  
6 Workbook and Worksheet Events  
7 Debugging and Error Handling, Prevention, Good Habits, Runtime Errors Yes
8 Excel WorksheetFunctions in VBA, Specific Examples, Excels Built-In Features  
9 User Defined Functions, Good vs Bad, Arguments, Calculation  
10 Controls, ActiveX, Control Toolbox, Control Properties, Control Parents Yes


Lesson Title Workbook
1 UserForms Introduction Yes
2 Filling UserForm Controls, Putting Data into our Controls, When to put Data into our Control, Filling a ListBox and/or ComboBox using Loops  
3 Multi-Page Control, Creating a wizard using the Multi-Page Control  
4 Validating the User Inputs, Some Useful Methods and Functions Yes
5 When to apply Validation, Control Events Yes
6 Which Controls to use and When Yes
7 Parsing Control Values back to a Spreadsheet, Parsing range values to the UserForm Controls  
8 Option Buttons and Checkboxes in Detail, True or False  
9 Creating Template Controls, Using the RefEdit Control  
10 Finding the Active Control, Creating Controls at Runtime Yes

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