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Plan Bee Gantt Chart Start

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Custom House Construction
Bill's Construction Company
Project Start : 12-May-2004      Project Finish: 27-Apr-2005

Task Name Duration Start Finish Precedents
Contracts   12-May-2004 12-May-2004  
Supply Lot Sale Agreement 0 days 12-May-2004 12-May-2004  
Supply Construction Agreement 0 days 12-May-2004 12-May-2004  
Supply Contract Plans 0 days 12-May-2004 12-May-2004 Supply Construction Agreement
Supply Contract Specifications 0 days 12-May-2004 12-May-2004 Supply Construction Agreement
Supply Contract Site Plan 0 days 12-May-2004 12-May-2004 Supply Construction Agreement
Secure Financing 0 days 12-May-2004 12-May-2004  
Construction Loan Settlement 0 days 12-May-2004 12-May-2004 Secure Financing
Document Review & Revision   12-May-2004 16-Jun-2004  
Review & Finalize Plans 15 days 12-May-2004 02-Jun-2004 Supply Contract Plans, Supply Lot Sale Agreement, Supply Construction Agreement, Supply Contract Specifications, Supply Contract Site Plan, Construction Loan Settlement
Review & Finalize Specifications 20 days 12-May-2004 09-Jun-2004 Supply Contract Specifications
Review & Finalize Site Plan 1 day 02-Jun-2004 03-Jun-2004 Supply Contract Site Plan, Review & Finalize Plans
Print Construction Drawings 5 days 09-Jun-2004 16-Jun-2004 Review & Finalize Plans, Review & Finalize Specifications, Review & Finalize Site Plan
Approve Revised Plans 0 days 16-Jun-2004 16-Jun-2004 Print Construction Drawings
Approve Revised Specifications 0 days 16-Jun-2004 16-Jun-2004 Print Construction Drawings
Approve Revised Site Plan 0 days 16-Jun-2004 16-Jun-2004 Print Construction Drawings
Bids & Contracts   16-Jun-2004 20-Jul-2004  
Make Copies of Plans 3 days 16-Jun-2004 21-Jun-2004 Approve Revised Plans, Print Construction Drawings
Make Copies of Specifications 2 days 16-Jun-2004 18-Jun-2004 Approve Revised Specifications
Distribute Plans & Specifications 1 day 21-Jun-2004 22-Jun-2004 Make Copies of Plans, Make Copies of Specifications
Receive Bids 10 days 22-Jun-2004 06-Jul-2004 Distribute Plans & Specifications
Review Bids 5 days 06-Jul-2004 13-Jul-2004 Receive Bids
Execute Subcontractor Agreements 5 days 13-Jul-2004 20-Jul-2004 Review Bids
Grading & Building Permits   16-Jun-2004 02-Aug-2004  
Schedule lot stake-out 1 day 16-Jun-2004 17-Jun-2004 Print Construction Drawings
Stake lot 1 day 21-Jun-2004 22-Jun-2004 Schedule lot stake-out
File Grading Permit Application 1 day 16-Jun-2004 17-Jun-2004 Approve Revised Site Plan
File Building Permit Application 3 days 16-Jun-2004 21-Jun-2004 Approve Revised Plans, Approve Revised Specifications, Approve Revised Site Plan
Post Lot Identification 1 day 22-Jun-2004 23-Jun-2004 Stake lot, File Grading Permit Application, File Building Permit Application
Meet Sed. Control Insp. 1 day 23-Jun-2004 24-Jun-2004 File Grading Permit Application, Stake lot, Post Lot Identification
Walk Lot w/ Owner 1 day 20-Jul-2004 21-Jul-2004 Meet Sed. Control Insp., Execute Subcontractor Agreements
Install Construction Entrance 1 day 21-Jul-2004 22-Jul-2004 Meet Sed. Control Insp., Walk Lot w/ Owner
Install Sediment Controls 2 days 21-Jul-2004 23-Jul-2004 Meet Sed. Control Insp., Walk Lot w/ Owner
Sediment Control Insp. 1 day 23-Jul-2004 26-Jul-2004 Install Construction Entrance, Install Sediment Controls
Grading Permit Issued 1 day 26-Jul-2004 27-Jul-2004 Sediment Control Insp.
Municipal Permit Process 10 days 21-Jun-2004 05-Jul-2004 File Building Permit Application, File Grading Permit Application
Building Permit Approved 1 day 27-Jul-2004 28-Jul-2004 Municipal Permit Process, Grading Permit Issued
Pay Permit Fees and Taxes 1 day 30-Jul-2004 02-Aug-2004 Building Permit Approved
Building Permit Issued 0 days 02-Aug-2004 02-Aug-2004 Pay Permit Fees and Taxes
Site Work   27-Jul-2004 09-Aug-2004  
Clear Lot 3 days 27-Jul-2004 30-Jul-2004 Grading Permit Issued
Strip Topsoil & Stockpile 1 day 02-Aug-2004 03-Aug-2004 Clear Lot, Building Permit Issued
Stake Lot for Excavation 1 day 03-Aug-2004 04-Aug-2004 Clear Lot, Strip Topsoil & Stockpile
Rough grade lot 1 day 04-Aug-2004 05-Aug-2004 Clear Lot, Stake Lot for Excavation
Excavate for foundation 2 days 05-Aug-2004 09-Aug-2004 Building Permit Approved, Stake Lot for Excavation, Clear Lot, Rough grade lot
Foundation   09-Aug-2004 10-Sep-2004  
Layout footings 1 day 09-Aug-2004 10-Aug-2004 Excavate for foundation
Dig Footings & Install Reinforcing 1 day 10-Aug-2004 11-Aug-2004 Layout footings
Footing Inspection 0 days 11-Aug-2004 11-Aug-2004 Dig Footings & Install Reinforcing
Pour footings 1 day 11-Aug-2004 12-Aug-2004 Footing Inspection
Pin Footings 1 day 12-Aug-2004 13-Aug-2004 Pour footings
Stock Block, Mortar, Sand 1 day 13-Aug-2004 16-Aug-2004 Pin Footings
Build Block Foundation 15 days 16-Aug-2004 06-Sep-2004 Pin Footings, Stock Block, Mortar, Sand, Footing Inspection
Foundation Certification 0 days 06-Sep-2004 06-Sep-2004 Build Block Foundation
Fill Block Cores w/ Concrete 1 day 06-Sep-2004 07-Sep-2004 Build Block Foundation, Foundation Certification
Steel Delivery 1 day 07-Sep-2004 08-Sep-2004 Fill Block Cores w/ Concrete
Set Lintels, Bolts, Cap Block 2 days 08-Sep-2004 10-Sep-2004 Steel Delivery
Lumber Delivery 1 day 07-Sep-2004 08-Sep-2004 Fill Block Cores w/ Concrete, Stake Lot for Excavation
Waterproofing and Drain Tile 1 day 08-Sep-2004 09-Sep-2004 Lumber Delivery
Rough Carpentry   10-Sep-2004 27-Oct-2004  
Set Steel 1 day 10-Sep-2004 13-Sep-2004 Set Lintels, Bolts, Cap Block, Lumber Delivery
1st Floor Deck Framing 4 days 13-Sep-2004 17-Sep-2004 Set Steel
1st Floor Wall Framing 4 days 17-Sep-2004 23-Sep-2004 1st Floor Deck Framing
2nd Floor Deck Framing 2 days 23-Sep-2004 27-Sep-2004 1st Floor Wall Framing
2nd Floor Wall Framing 3 days 27-Sep-2004 30-Sep-2004 2nd Floor Deck Framing
Set Roof Trusses 2 days 30-Sep-2004 04-Oct-2004 2nd Floor Wall Framing
Frame Roof 7 days 04-Oct-2004 13-Oct-2004 Set Roof Trusses
Install Roof Plywood 5 days 13-Oct-2004 20-Oct-2004 Frame Roof
Install Windows & Doors 2 days 25-Oct-2004 27-Oct-2004 Install Roof Plywood, Roofing Paper Installed
Frame Basement 3 days 21-Oct-2004 26-Oct-2004 Frame Roof, Pour Basement Slab
Concrete Slabs   14-Oct-2004 26-Oct-2004  
Basement Slab Preparation 2 days 14-Oct-2004 18-Oct-2004 1st Floor Deck Framing, Plumbing Sub-slab, Waterproofing and Drain Tile, HVAC Layout & Measure
Termite Treatment Basement Slab 1 day 18-Oct-2004 19-Oct-2004 Basement Slab Preparation
Slab Inspection 1 day 19-Oct-2004 20-Oct-2004 Termite Treatment Basement Slab
Pour Basement Slab 1 day 20-Oct-2004 21-Oct-2004 Slab Inspection
Prep Garage Slab 1 day 21-Oct-2004 22-Oct-2004 Pour Basement Slab
Termite Treatment Garage Slab 1 day 22-Oct-2004 25-Oct-2004 Prep Garage Slab
Pour Garage Slab 1 day 25-Oct-2004 26-Oct-2004 Termite Treatment Garage Slab
H.V.A.C.   13-Oct-2004 04-Nov-2004  
HVAC Layout & Measure 1 day 13-Oct-2004 14-Oct-2004 Frame Roof
HVAC Rough-in 5 days 25-Oct-2004 01-Nov-2004 HVAC Layout & Measure, Roofing Paper Installed
HVAC Set Indoor Units 2 days 01-Nov-2004 03-Nov-2004 Pour Basement Slab, HVAC Rough-in
HVAC Temporary Heat 2 days 02-Nov-2004 04-Nov-2004 Install Electric Service Panel
Plumbing Rough-in   17-Sep-2004 09-Nov-2004  
Plumbing Sub-slab 2 days 17-Sep-2004 21-Sep-2004 1st Floor Deck Framing
Plumbing Layout 1 day 01-Nov-2004 02-Nov-2004 Plumbing Sub-slab, HVAC Rough-in
Plumbing rough-in 5 days 02-Nov-2004 09-Nov-2004 Plumbing Layout, Municipal Plumbing Sub-slab Inspection
Municipal Plumbing Sub-slab Inspection 0 days 21-Sep-2004 21-Sep-2004 Plumbing Sub-slab
Municipal Plumbing Rough-in Inspection 0 days 09-Nov-2004 09-Nov-2004 Plumbing rough-in
Electric Rough-in   27-Oct-2004 23-Nov-2004  
Set Electric Boxes 2 days 27-Oct-2004 29-Oct-2004 Install Windows & Doors
Install Electric Service Panel 2 days 29-Oct-2004 02-Nov-2004 Set Electric Boxes
Electrical Walk-through 1 day 02-Nov-2004 03-Nov-2004 Install Electric Service Panel
Electrical Rough-wire 14 days 03-Nov-2004 23-Nov-2004 Electrical Walk-through
Specialty Rough-ins   23-Nov-2004 07-Dec-2004  
Central Vacuum Rough-in 5 days 23-Nov-2004 30-Nov-2004 Electrical Rough-wire
Alarm System Rough-in 5 days 23-Nov-2004 30-Nov-2004 Electrical Rough-wire
Telephone System Rough-in 5 days 23-Nov-2004 30-Nov-2004 Electrical Rough-wire
Television System Rough-in 5 days 30-Nov-2004 07-Dec-2004 Telephone System Rough-in
Audio Visual Rough-in 5 days 23-Nov-2004 30-Nov-2004 Electrical Rough-wire
Municipal Electrical inspection 0 days 23-Nov-2004 23-Nov-2004 Electrical Rough-wire
Municipal Framing Inspection 0 days 24-Nov-2004 24-Nov-2004 Municipal Plumbing Rough-in Inspection, Municipal Electrical inspection
Roofing   20-Oct-2004 24-Jan-2005  
Roofing Paper Installed 3 days 20-Oct-2004 25-Oct-2004 Install Roof Plywood
Stock Roof Shingles 1 day 25-Oct-2004 26-Oct-2004 Roofing Paper Installed
Install Roof Shingles 7 days 13-Jan-2005 24-Jan-2005 Stock Roof Shingles, Brick Veneer
Exterior Finishes   27-Oct-2004 13-Jan-2005  
Siding 3 days 27-Oct-2004 01-Nov-2004 Install Windows & Doors
Exterior Trim 7 days 01-Nov-2004 10-Nov-2004 Siding
Brick Arch Forms 1 day 10-Nov-2004 11-Nov-2004 Exterior Trim
Brick Veneer 45 days 11-Nov-2004 13-Jan-2005 Brick Arch Forms
Insulation   24-Nov-2004 01-Dec-2004  
Caulk & Air Seal 1 day 24-Nov-2004 25-Nov-2004 Municipal Framing Inspection
Draft & Fire Stop 1 day 25-Nov-2004 26-Nov-2004 Caulk & Air Seal
Batt Insulation 3 days 26-Nov-2004 01-Dec-2004 Caulk & Air Seal, Draft & Fire Stop
Municipal Insulation Inspection 0 days 01-Dec-2004 01-Dec-2004 Batt Insulation
Drywall   01-Dec-2004 06-Jan-2005  
Stock Drywall 1 day 01-Dec-2004 02-Dec-2004 Municipal Insulation Inspection, HVAC Temporary Heat
Hang Drywall 5 days 02-Dec-2004 09-Dec-2004 Stock Drywall
Remove Scrap Drywall 1 day 09-Dec-2004 10-Dec-2004 Hang Drywall
Tape and Finish Drywall 15 days 10-Dec-2004 31-Dec-2004 Hang Drywall, Remove Scrap Drywall
Sand Drywall 1 day 31-Dec-2004 03-Jan-2005 Tape and Finish Drywall
Drywall Point-up 3 days 03-Jan-2005 06-Jan-2005 Sand Drywall
Floor Finishes   07-Jan-2005 11-Apr-2005  
Ceramic Tile 15 days 07-Jan-2005 28-Jan-2005 Prime Paint Drywall
Install Hardwood Floor 4 days 23-Mar-2005 29-Mar-2005 Finish Coat Drywall
Sand, Stain, Seal Hardwood 5 days 29-Mar-2005 05-Apr-2005 Install Hardwood Floor
Install Carpet 4 days 05-Apr-2005 11-Apr-2005 Sand, Stain, Seal Hardwood
Final Coat Hardwood 2 days 05-Apr-2005 07-Apr-2005 Sand, Stain, Seal Hardwood
Paint   03-Jan-2005 25-Mar-2005  
Prep Drywall for Prime Coat 2 days 03-Jan-2005 05-Jan-2005 Sand Drywall, HVAC Set Indoor Units
Prime Paint Drywall 2 days 05-Jan-2005 07-Jan-2005 Prep Drywall for Prime Coat
Prep Trim for Prime Coat 2 days 17-Jan-2005 19-Jan-2005 Prime Paint Drywall, Install Interior Doors
Prime Trim 2 days 19-Jan-2005 21-Jan-2005 Prep Trim for Prime Coat
Finish Coat Trim 10 days 17-Feb-2005 03-Mar-2005 Prime Trim, 1st Punch-out Interior Trim, Install Grills & Registers for Paint
Finish Coat Drywall 14 days 03-Mar-2005 23-Mar-2005 Finish Coat Trim, Drywall Point-up
Caulk Exterior Windows & Doors 1 day 23-Mar-2005 24-Mar-2005 Finish Coat Drywall, Exterior Trim
Finish Coat Exterior Trim & Siding 1 day 24-Mar-2005 25-Mar-2005 Caulk Exterior Windows & Doors
Interior Trim   07-Jan-2005 17-Feb-2005  
Interior Trim Delivery 1 day 07-Jan-2005 10-Jan-2005 Prime Paint Drywall
Install Interior Doors 5 days 10-Jan-2005 17-Jan-2005 Interior Trim Delivery
Install Interior Trim 15 days 17-Jan-2005 07-Feb-2005 Install Interior Doors
Install Cabinetry 5 days 07-Feb-2005 14-Feb-2005 Install Interior Trim
Install Appliances 1 day 14-Feb-2005 15-Feb-2005 Install Cabinetry, Central Vacuum Rough-in, Alarm System Rough-in, Audio Visual Rough-in, Television System Rough-in
1st Punch-out Interior Trim 2 days 15-Feb-2005 17-Feb-2005 Install Appliances, Prime Trim
H.V.A.C. Trim   03-Jan-2005 17-Jan-2005  
Install Grills & Registers for Paint 1 day 03-Jan-2005 04-Jan-2005 Sand Drywall
Set Outdoor Units 1 day 14-Jan-2005 17-Jan-2005 Rough Final Grade
Plumbing Trim   29-Mar-2005 05-Apr-2005  
Set Fixtures 4 days 29-Mar-2005 04-Apr-2005 Ceramic Tile, Install Hardwood Floor, Finish Coat Drywall, Install Cabinetry
Connect Appliances 1 day 04-Apr-2005 05-Apr-2005 Set Fixtures, Install Appliances
Municipal Final Plumbing Inspection 0 days 05-Apr-2005 05-Apr-2005 Connect Appliances
Exterior Landscaping   13-Jan-2005 28-Feb-2005  
Rough Final Grade 1 day 13-Jan-2005 14-Jan-2005 Brick Veneer
Patios 7 days 14-Jan-2005 25-Jan-2005 Rough Final Grade
Porches 5 days 25-Jan-2005 01-Feb-2005 Patios
Sidewalks 7 days 01-Feb-2005 10-Feb-2005 Porches
Decks 7 days 10-Feb-2005 21-Feb-2005 Sidewalks
Driveways 2 days 21-Feb-2005 23-Feb-2005 Rough Final Grade, Decks
Final Grade and Seed 3 days 23-Feb-2005 28-Feb-2005 Driveways, Patios, Porches, Sidewalks, Decks, Set Outdoor Units
Electrical Final Trim   07-Jan-2005 16-Feb-2005  
Switch & Plug 2 days 07-Jan-2005 11-Jan-2005 Prime Paint Drywall, Electrical Rough-wire
Install Fixtures 1 day 11-Jan-2005 12-Jan-2005 Switch & Plug
Connect Appliances 1 day 15-Feb-2005 16-Feb-2005 Install Fixtures, Install Appliances
Hardware   23-Mar-2005 14-Apr-2005  
Door Hardware 2 days 23-Mar-2005 25-Mar-2005 Finish Coat Trim, Finish Coat Drywall, Install Interior Doors
Bath Hardware 2 days 23-Mar-2005 25-Mar-2005 Finish Coat Drywall, Finish Coat Trim
Mirrors 5 days 25-Mar-2005 01-Apr-2005 Bath Hardware
Shower Doors 10 days 25-Mar-2005 08-Apr-2005 Bath Hardware
Final Building Inspection 0 days 11-Apr-2005 11-Apr-2005 Shower Doors, Finish Coat Trim, Finish Coat Exterior Trim & Siding, Connect Appliances, Pour Garage Slab, Install Carpet, Mirrors, Door Hardware, Connect Appliances, Final Grade and Seed, Install Roof Shingles
Use & Occupancy Certificate 0 days 14-Apr-2005 14-Apr-2005 Municipal Final Plumbing Inspection, Final Building Inspection
First Walk-thru 0 days 14-Apr-2005 14-Apr-2005 Use & Occupancy Certificate
Final Punch-out   14-Apr-2005 27-Apr-2005  
Punch Out Walk-thru List 4 days 14-Apr-2005 20-Apr-2005 First Walk-thru
Trim and Adjust Doors 2 days 20-Apr-2005 22-Apr-2005 Punch Out Walk-thru List
Paint Touch-up 3 days 22-Apr-2005 27-Apr-2005 Trim and Adjust Doors
Cleaning   23-Mar-2005 27-Apr-2005  
Windows 3 days 23-Mar-2005 28-Mar-2005 Finish Coat Trim, Finish Coat Drywall
Rough Clean 3 days 28-Mar-2005 31-Mar-2005 Windows
Final Clean 2 days 22-Apr-2005 26-Apr-2005 Rough Clean, Trim and Adjust Doors
Final Walk-through 0 days 26-Apr-2005 26-Apr-2005 Final Clean, Use & Occupancy Certificate
Move-in 0 days 27-Apr-2005 27-Apr-2005 Final Walk-through

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