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Real Estate Investment Software Start | (Try Out Rental Property Manager \ Details)

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The software has the following advantages compared to our competitors' software:

The only system requirement is Microsoft Excel 2000 or any later version of Excel running under Windows.

Accurate and in-depth presentations. Benefits IPO presentations are based on both real estate and accounting practices. See the CPA and other recommendations. Most of our competitors apply real estate practices, but fail to apply accounting principles, or vice versa. Benefits IPO software applies and explains both. First it applies real estate practices, then it makes adjustments to bring the analysis in line with accounting practices.

Best looking printed presentations (i.e.- prospectus) made by any real estate software. See for yourself. Download the Trial Software Suite, run the Benefits IPO software, display the apartment example data, then print all the presentation sheets, which are the sheets to the right of the "Form" sheet. Real Benefits presentations look best printed in color, but are also designed to look great in black and white. Real Benefits invites you to do a side by side comparison of our printed presentations to any of our competitors printed presentations.

Fully Multi-Media Capable. You can insert photos, videos, drawings, floor plans, AutoCAD drawings, sound files, flowcharts, Power Point presentations, and many other types of media into your Benefits IPO presentations. If you have Excel 2000, XP (aka 2002) or later, you can also scan photos directly into your presentations and/or load them directly from your digital camera! These features allow you to give great multi-media presentations both on-screen and in print. You can get as fancy as you want to. Alternatively, you can keep it simple because the standard presentations are already great. Can our competitors' software do these things? Some can accept photos in their presentations, some cannot. Most do not have scanner and digital camera support. None (that we know of) can accept videos, AutoCAD drawings/floor plans, or sound files. Most do not accept flow charts. Benefits IPO software accepts all of these media types. It also has features that help you make flowcharts, which can illustrate your future plans.

Customizable. You can add your own custom analyses to the built-in ones.

Easy to Install. Real Benefits (RB) software is so easy to install that anyone can do it. You do not need a technician. Even if you run/load Excel and/or Excel templates across a computer network (from a server), it's still easy to install because RB software uses the native networking features and settings of Windows. If your computer uses Windows and is already networked, then RB software will automatically setup and configure itself for your network according to how you already have Excel configured. It is unlikely you will need technical support to install Real Benefits software, but if you do, help installing RB software is always free.

Easy to learn. Very little learning curve. No classes required. Excellent online help tools. Yet dozens of intermediate and advanced features are there if you ever need them. The interface is very similar to the native interface used in all Microsoft Office products because it is based on the native MS Office interface. Some of our competitors' software is so complicated to learn (due to an unfamiliar interface) that you need classes just to get Start ed, and they charge for the classes in addition to the cost of their software, plus you may have to travel substantial distances to their classes.

Real Benefits (RB) software saves you time and money. You can Start using RB software the day you get it. Assuming you are already familiar with real estate concepts, you are looking at approximately: a 20 minute learning curve for people who know MS Excel; a 35 minute learning curve for people who know any MS Office software other than Excel; or about a 60 minute learning curve for people who have never used any MS Office software, but are familiar with Windows and computers in general. These are estimates of the time it takes to learn the basic features necessary to begin productively using the software. Time will vary per person, but certainly almost anyone can use RB software successfully the first day they install it without taking any classes. This is due to the simple interface, the fact that the interface is so similar to MS Office, and because the help tools are thorough and convenient. Also, the interface is designed so that you only need to know the basics to begin immediately being productive, but intermediate and advanced features are available if you want to use them in the future. You may never need the intermediate or advanced features, but they're there if you ever want them. The online help tools explain all these things thoroughly; and support is available if you ever need it. Try it. See for yourself.

Good prices and no modules. Real Benefits software is NOT module based. When you buy a Real Benefits software product, you get the whole product (along with the whole suite). This saves you money and makes Real Benefits software very reliable. Some of our competitors' software is module based, which is a way to twist your arm for more money because without their modules their software is not fully functional. Even when you buy their modules, the modules can be difficult to get working.

Buy only what you need. You can buy the software suite version that is best suited to your needs.

Operating system independence. Real Benefits software runs and is fully functional in all versions of Windows. Many other operating systems (Apple, Mac, Dos, Unix, Linux, Alpha, OS-2, and more) can view and print (but not edit) Excel workbooks and Real Benefits presentations.

Built-in native Microsoft Windows email, fax, and network capabilities. Native Windows interface. No learning curve. No additional setup if you already have these Windows features setup. Any computer technician knows how to setup these native Windows features. There is no additional cost to get these features configured because they  are part of Windows. This is one of several advantages of Real Benefits software running in a Microsoft Excel environment. Our competitors either do not have these features at all, or they offer proprietary solutions. Proprietary solutions are non-standard and are often difficult to setup and less reliable than native Windows features. Also, Proprietary solutions require you to learn a new interface.

Real Benefits software users can email their presentations to anyone. The email recipient will be able to view and print the presentations even if they do not have any Real Benefits software. They don't even need to have Excel.  They don't even need to have Windows because Mac, Dos, Unix, Linux, Alpha, OS-2, and other operating systems can view and print (but not edit) Real Benefits presentations. This is one of several advantages of Real Benefits software running in Microsoft Excel. Our competitors' software cannot do this because the email recipient must own the same software to view and print the data file. Also, most of our competitors' software are very limited with regard to which operating systems they can run on.

Speed. Real Benefits software is designed and optimized to be fast, fast, fast and use few computer resources. It was designed on a Pentium 133 with 64 RAM and then was tested extensively on both slower and faster computers. This allows it to run well on older computers as well as new ones. You do not need to upgrade your computer. The minimum requirements (slow, but functional) are 8 RAM and a 486-50 megahertz processor with at least 50 megabytes of free hard drive space. It runs at a reasonable pace on a Pentium 100 with 24 RAM. It runs fast on a Pentium 133 with 48 RAM. It runs very fast on a Pentium 166 with 64 RAM. A computer faster than a Pentium 166 with 64 RAM will not be noticeably faster, except when printing. There is no benefit in having a computer faster than a Pentium 333 with 64 RAM, but the software will run reliably on faster computers. Many of our competitors' software require a substantial amount of memory (256 RAM), a fast processor (1800 or faster), and a lot of hard-drive space, all of will cause serious problems for older computers. Even newer computers will slow down under the bulk of these fat bloated programs. This is because these programs have never been optimized for computer performance.

Reliability. Real Benefits software is very reliable and stable because it is based on the Microsoft Excel platform and because it does not have modules. Module based software is inherently less reliable because sometimes a module(s) may not be recognized by the software or its other module(s).

Software Support. Considering the ease of installation, no modules, the simplicity of the interface and its similarity to MS Office, and the reliability of the software, you may never need to call support. 

But if you do, all support issues related to installation are free (including network issues). All support to deal with software malfunctions (bugs, not operator error), if you ever have any malfunctions, is free. Support is only charged for issues related to how to use the software or to resolve operator errors.

Real Estate Investment Software Start

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Developers Site / Purchase MUST be made via this site for special

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