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Print Oracle Reports in html css or html Format


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Software to Print html (or htmlcss ) Pages Created by Oracle Reports

Report Expert

Please excuse grammar, text is supplied by non-English speaker.

Report Expert is little tool which is designed to print html (or htmlcss ) pages generated by oracle reports . Why not use browsers such as IE to print reports ? The program was designed to print vary large reports at first . Not only can it split html pages into single  pages but you can get additional advantages and not only print determinate pages ,for example, you have a oracle report which is designed with a page size of 10X11, you can print it with A4 page size with this software. If you have trouble on setting the report's height, or setting the page margins, the software can help you! You can change the report's height to test ! Now the software can also convert html page to excel format.

The page discusses the ways to print oracle reports in HTMLCSS format .

Which tool do you use to print HTMLCSS format report? You must use a web-browser such as IE or orarrp. Now you have another good choice , Report Expert!

Why you need Report Expert ?

You may generate a very large report file including over 200 pages. You can not print all pages via IE! The bottom of report gets overlapped. This is a well known bug of IE. If you generated a report including more than 65536 (2^16) pages , you will find a bug in the Report 6i . NO normal browser can browse such a HTML page!

Report Expert is designed to print very large reports! With its help, you can browse and print determinate ranges of a large report and/or even  2 million pages.

The unique features ...

If you print reports with IE, You must be disturbed by the margin of pagesetup dialog of IE. You will find that IE will change the margins frequently! You cannot control the margin of the report. Report Expert can set the margin as a fixed value!

Report Expert recognizes each physical page inside a report file, and outputs the reports to the printer as one page for each task. Before printing, Report Expert will erase the blank page foot of each page. That means you should not have to set the height of reports as a exact value. For example, If you have a report whose height is 11 inch, you can change it to 12 or 20 inch and then output HTMLCSS format file. The bottom of each page is blank, the Printer won't print but will move the paper. Report Expert can recognize each page and erase the blank space but IE can not. So you cannot get an exact output if you print with IE !

Report Expert can monitor MS-IE. If you print report with IE, you will switch to use Report Expert easily! If you use web.show_document method to open a report file and the URL includes all keywords set before, Report Expert will run automatically, it will download and open the html file instead of IE! Report Expert is that easy to use !

Report Expert can convert oracle report output in html or htmlcss to ms-excel file! The convert engine will keep update with rep2excel !

See Screen Shots 1 & Screen Shots 2

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