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Financial Accounting Suite for Microsoft Access

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Finances - Accounts Receivable - Accounts Payable - Internet Store

New version of the very user-friendly and powerful accounting suite for Microsoft Access. A true double-entry accounting program for global use. It handles multiple currencies and languages (English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Danish, Dutch, Turkish and all texts can be translated into a new langauge interactively). It also handles unlimited data and can be configured completely according to local rules. The program is also available in a SQL Server version and a VBA version with sourcecode.

Office Financials offers an efficient and user-friendly method of working with data that gives access to information exactly when it is needed. All forms and windows are designed in the same logical way, which makes it easy to learn. On all parts of the program help is offered right on the screen or by pressing the command F1.

The program is tightly integrated with MS Office package and information can easily be moved to Word, Excel, FrontPage, Outlook etc. In the debitor module it is possible for example to plan a meeting with a customer using Outlook and you can use Word as a report generator that Office Financials can use to make professional invoices.

The program can handle a unlimited number of account books, companies, account years, accounts, debitors, creditors, inventory items, tax rates, sales prices, purchase prices, users, etc. The database is only limited by the hard disc.

The program can easily scale from standalone over small networks to enterprise networks with MS SQL Server. Office Financials can be configured individually so that every user have their own password, works in their own language, sees their favorite color on screen, has permission to certain modules or not.

Office Financials is a true double entry accounting program that simultaneously can handle multiple currencies and speak multiple languages. The Chart of Accounts can be configured according to local rules and it is possible to use multiple tax rates in all parts of the program.


Office Financials contains many improvements and new features. Some examples are shown here below.

The program has now been translated into French and Portuguese, so now you can select between six languages, which are Danish, German, Spanish, English, French and Portuguese. You can even change to a new language interactively without reinstalling the program again, if for example you need to print an invoice in another language.

Main menu
Office Financials has a new menu system. The new design makes it easier to navigate and gives a better view over the programs many functions. It is always visible and accessible and you need no longer to browse through windows looking for the menu.

Internet order module
Office Financials now includes a Internet Order Module module that makes it possible to produce Internet E-Business Stores based on the secure Active Server Pages (ASP) format. The program also supports the FTP protocol to upload the Web Store to the Internet and to download orders from the Internet for further invoicing.

With Office Financials you can make a budget for each period in an account year and the budget can show its totals as either accumulated or separated in periods. The amounts can easily be entered for a single period or a series of periods.

Office Financials can now present its data from accounts graphically using charts. There are 4 standard 3D charts but you can change the style and format by double-clicking on the charts.

Import - Export
It has been possible for a long time to export data to other programs like Excel, but now it is also possible to import data like chart of accounts, inventory lists, transactions etc..

The help function in the program has now been improved with better search capabilities and help texts that can be shown at the bottom of the screen while you navigate through the windows.

Sale and purchase invoicing has now been made easier to manage with the invoice form above and the list below, so that you can browse through the documents. Office Financials also comes with more sales invoice templates for Word and now you can also design your own invoices with Access.

The Inventory module can now handle assemblies as part of a production. An assembly can be combined from other inventory types such as Stock Items and Service Items.

Outgoing and Ingoing payments have now been easier to handle. It is easy to point out bills that are due to be paid and to transfer them to the Journal Entry.

One of the most important functions in an accounting program is an effective backup, which now has been better in Office Financials. All data can be saved and compressed in a single file, which makes it easy to keep track of the backups.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I customize Office Financials?
Yes, you can modify tables and invoices. All that's required is basic knowledge of how to use Microsoft Access and Microsoft Word.

What language is Office Financials written in?
Our software is written completely in Microsoft Access. We use VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) code in our software. VBA is the code base behind Access and other Office products.

Is Office Financials available for SQL Server?
Yes, all versions of Office Financials are available and tested for SQL Server.

Is Office Financials Year 2000 compliant?
Microsoft has stated that both Access 97 and Access 2000 are Year 2000 compliant. In fact, Microsoft Office 97 automatically assumes all 2 digit years between 00 and 30 to be 2000 to 2030 while all 2 digit years between 31 and 99 are assumed to be 1931 and 1999. Of course this is overridden by using 4 digit years. In Microsoft Windows, you can turn on 4 digit years by simply using the Regional settings of Windows 9x or NT. In Microsoft Access, all date fields coded with the Short Date format instantly change their display from 2 digits to 4 digits. More information on Year 2000 Compliance with Microsoft products can be found at:

Can I import data into Office Financials?
Yes, since our program uses Microsoft Access, you can use the import filters provided with Microsoft Access to import data. We also provide an import function within Office Financials that will import data from tab separated text files.

Can I setup my own user-defined financial periods?
Yes, you can use anything you want for financial periods. This can include contiguous or non-contiguous periods. This is often useful for seasonal businesses.

Do I have to close a financial period before opening a new one?
No, you don't close periods in Office Financials. Anytime you can return to a previous period and post transactions.

Does Office Financials use cash or accrual based accounting?
You can choose to use cash basis or accrual basis accounting, according to your preference. The difference between cash basis and accrual basis accounting is primarily when you post your transactions to the general ledger.
Cash basis accounting recognizes revenues when the cash is actually received, and recognizes expenses when they are paid. Therefore, when you actually receive payment or pay the expense, you post to the general ledger.
Accrual based accounting recognizes the revenue when it is earned as opposed to when the cash is received. Therefore, you post to the general ledger when you create the invoice or bill. Both methods are supported.

Can I use my own chart of accounts numbering system?
Yes. You can use one the pre-defined chart of accounts we provide or you can setup your own numbering scheme.

Does Office Financials support departmentalized accounting?
Yes, Office Financials does support departmentalized accounting throughout the entire program.

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