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Report Maker-Statistical Data Analysis/Reporting Software

Microsoft Excel - From Beginner to Expert in 6 Hours/ EXCEL DASHBOARD REPORTS


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Report Maker Start

How to use

  • Create a Database Connection - Select Data->Database Connection->New Database Connection.
  • Select the Kind of Database you want to Connection. It Support Personal Database and Client-Server Database. For Example: If Database is Access: Select "Microsoft Jet 3.5/4.0 Ole DB Provide". Click Next. If Database is SQL Server: Select "Microsoft OLE DB For SQL Server"
  • Create a Data Link. Drag the Fields to worksheet.
  • Create Data View. Select View->Data View.

How to create Data Record

After you create database connection. You need to create new data Data Record.

  • Open New Data Record Click Data->Record->New Data Record or Right-click Database connection, select "New Data Record".
  • Add Table/View Right-click top space, select "Add Table/View". Select table of database you need.
  • Add Fields Select the fields of table, you can select all fields of table by selecting "*".
  • Set other connection of field. Field sort by ascending, descending or no order.
  • Order Rank Field Order by this parameter.
  • Function Operate this Field by this parameter.
  • Condition You can set field condition by this parameters. Contain"<",">","=","<=",">=","<>". If field type is String, you need to add '' in you condition. example: User Name's condition "='liutao'".

Report Maker Start . Key Features & Screen Shot

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