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Planning/Scheduling Software: Excel Resource Manager Page 3

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Resource Manager Start

With quick, powerful, and intuitive reporting, Resource Manager-DB stands above the crowd in its ability to present the important data in an easy and meaningful way. In addition to the robust reports that are included with Resource Manager-DB, the user can easily configure canned, custom reports that become a permanent part of the system. In addition, you can work with the schedule database directly and use all the power of Access and Excel to sort, graph, view, print and export, to meet your unique requirements.

Gantt Report

a great top-level view of all activity with details only a click away. Instantly check the due dates of all jobs in schedule, drill down to find bottlenecks, adjust capacity and schedule to meet critical dates.

Summary Report

The report will tell you what you need to buy or make, how much, and when - all consolidated on a single sheet. An instant, top level MRP Report for all products and workcenter loading. View over any time horizon - by day, week, or month.

Item Report

This sheet summarizes all requirements per part number. Ideal for WorkCenter Loading, the system lists each job, when to Start , when complete, and how much is required.

Calendar Report

View and print the schedule in familiar "wall calendar" format.

Workcenter Report

Instant, real-time views of all critical workcenter activity by: daily loading, backlog, % utilization, hours available and bottlenecks. Allows for quick overtime scheduling and other detailed adjustments for any workcenter on any day. Also features a daily workcenter "to-do" list.

Routing & Tree Report

Intuitive reports for visual bill-or-resource verification, process flow and schedule feedback.

Production Report

Perfect for traveler or work order printout. Automatically reconciles inventory and capacity for a job and lists sequence of operations and products to fulfill order on time. Includes space for check off and actual feedback as well as job costing and variance reporting.

Purchasing and Receiving

Resource Manager-DB excels with its integrated purchasing and receiving module. Designed to meet meet the tough requirements for Lean Manufacturing, you won't find any mud here. With a single click, the user can generate purchase orders per Kanban and\or standard schedule requirements. The system tracks each received quantity, open or closed status, and adjusts inventory - simply and automatically. Automatically e-mail RFQs and POs to vendors.

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Resource Manager for Excel/Full
Resource Manager for Excel/Plan

Includes all sheets except Orders

Resource Manager for Excel/Fore

Includes all sheets except Plan, and Orders

Resource Manager for Excel/Bor

Includes all sheets except Forecast, Plan, and Orders.



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