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Report Runner Add-in for Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel - From Beginner to Expert in 6 Hours/ EXCEL DASHBOARD REPORTS


Report Runner for Excel saves you time whenever you need to print reports or graphs. It allows you to store report settings on many of reports and quickly and easily reset the page setup and then print them or export them to a file for e-mailing. If you do routine reports, then Report Runner is a must have add-in.

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Report Runner™ is an easy to use menu driven system that prints reports and graphs automatically.  Eliminate having to go from file to file and remembering what you should print. Report Runner™ can automatically open workbooks, print reports, and close files. Multiple reports can be printed just by highlighting the desired reports and selecting print from Report Runner's menu.  And, Report Runner™ can save a copy of the reports to an XLS file so that you can E-mail just the reports.

Report Runner™ uses specially designed spreadsheets and a set of menu driven dialogs that is designed to help you print multiple reports and graphs.   It automatically opens files, prints reports, and closes files!  You can print multiple reports with only one command.  Best of all, you do not need to know any macro code to use.  Its entirely menu driven!  The following illustrates the main Report Runner menu:

For example, you may want to print out nine different reports , several of which are off of the same worksheet. Without Report Runner™, you would have to open the files, select or confirm the different print areas, and make any needed changes to the page setup from one report to another. With Report Runner, all you do is to select the report descriptions in the Report Runner file and issue the print command from Report Runner's menu. Then sit back and enjoy!  

 Report Runner opens files, prints reports, and close files automatically for you.  Thus, if you have many files and reports that need printing, Report Runner will totally automate the task for you. Report Runner™ uses spreadsheets to store your report information.  You can add these to any workbook for quick access or you can create workbooks that contain just Report Runner™ spreadsheets.  Mix the two approaches as needed.

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