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Mark-Highlight-Flag Duplicates in Excel

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Duplicates Manager Start

Color code duplicates in a list or table

The option Highlight Duplicates will color code all entries, appearing more than once, in a list of table of data. If an entry occurs twice it will have a Green background, if it appears three times it will have a Yellow background. Any entry occurring more than three times will have a Red background. The table, or list range will also be dynamic in that, if you add more entries and that entry then appears 2, 3 or more times, it will be color coded accordingly.

This option is ideal for a large list or table of email addresses, names, items or anything!

Red = 4 or more occurrences | Yellow = 3 occurrences | Green = 2 occurrences

Duplicates Manager Start > Duplication Manager Options: Create a list of unique data > Display only unique data > Create a summary report > Color code all duplicates, up to 3 levels > Prevent users from adding duplicates to a list or table > Compare 2 lists for matching entries > Remove duplicates from any range > Remove entries from one list that exist in the other > Remove duplicate rows from a tableLeave only first occurrence of each duplicate entry > Fill blank cells within a list with data in the cell directly above

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