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Excel ComboBox Wizard Add-in for Excel


Microsoft Excel - From Beginner to Expert in 6 Hours/ EXCEL DASHBOARD REPORTS

If you often work in Excel with ComboBoxes, from the Forms toolbar, this Excel add-in can save you many hours and prevent errors. After selecting a range of cells, contiguous or non-contiguous, you can add x number of ComboBoxes to the Worksheet in just a few clicks. All Cell Links, Names, Input Ranges and much more can be set en mass.

Once installed, you will see a new Menu Item added to the Forms Toolbar.

Adding ComboBoxes

All ComboBoxes are added to the cells you have selected at the time of running the ComboBox Wizard. All your selected cells are shown in the "All ComboBoxes will be added to selected cell(s)" box.

You can use non-contiguous cells simply by holding down the Ctrl key (before launching the Combo Wiz) and select ranges like A1:A10, C5:C30, D5, G6:G12

Cell Link

Returns the number of the item that's chosen from the combo box (the first item in the list is always 1). You can use this number in a formula or macro to return the actual item from the input range (range that is used to populated the list)

For example, if a combo box is linked to cell C1 and the input range for the list is D10:D15, the following formula returns the value from range D10:D15 based on the selection in the list:


Cell Link Offset

If you added Comboxes to Cells A1:A10 and used a Row Offset of 0 and a Column Offset of 1 the Cell Link for each Combo added would be B1:B10 respectively.
If you added Comboxes to Cells B1:B10 and used a Row Offset of 0 and a Column Offset of -1 the Cell Link for each Combo added would be A1:A10 respectively.
Be aware using a negative, or positive Offset is not always possible. For example if you added Comboxes to Cells A1:A10 you could NOT use a Column Offset of -1 as there is NO column to the left of Column A. The Comboboxes will still be added, but only the Cell Links that are possible will be applied.

If a Cell Link cell has existing data you will be asked if you still wish to use the cell.

If a Cell Link is not possible (cannot offset the specified Row and/or Column) a Cell Comment will be added to the cell housing the ComboBox.

Input Range

These are the cells you wish to use to populate your ComboBoxes. Click the button to the right of the "Input Range" box then select the cells. When done, click the button to the right again.

Drop Down Lines

This is the number of entries that will be shown to the user, when they click the ComboBox drop button, before a scroll bar is shown.

ComboBox Sizes

The default size for all ComboBoxes added via the wizard is the same as that of the cell housing it. Clicking the "Specify Size" button will force a specified size for all ComboBoxes.

After clicking the "Specify Size" you can uncheck the "Make Same Size As Cell Housing it" Checkbox and use the "Width" and "Height" Spinbuttons to specify a size. The Preview shows you the size that will be applied.

Print Comboboxes With Worksheet

Checking this (default) will cause the ComboBoxes to show when the Worksheet is printed. To not print then uncheck this option.

Locked Comboboxes When Worksheet Is Protected

Prevents CombBoxes from being changed, moved, resized, or deleted.

***Locking objects has no effect unless the sheet is protected. To protect a sheet, point to Protection on the Tools menu, click Protect Sheet, and then select the Objects check box.***

Move But Don't Size With Cells

Checking this (default) will cause the ComboBoxes to move (sorting ect) with the cell housing it, but resize if the cells Row height or Column Width is changed.

Don't Move Or Size With Cells

Checking this will cause the ComboBoxes to not move with the cell housing it or resize if the cells Row height or Column Width is changed.

3d Shading

This will give the ComboBox a visual 3D effect.

Allow Me To Name Each Combobox

Checking this option will cause the ComboBox Wizard to prompt you for a name as each ComboBox is added. The default text will be the default name that would otherwise be used. Clicking "Cancel" or "OK", without changing the default text, means the default name will be used.

*Naming ComboBoxes is of use if they are to be referenced with VBA code. It is also helpful if they are to be chosen for deletion at some stage*

Delete ComboBoxes

Will delete ALL chosen comboboxes on the current sheet.

**This procedure is non-reversible and as such a confirmation message is displayed which must be acknowledged for the deletion to take place.**
***The ONLY way to get back deleted ComboBoxes is to close the Workbook without saving. This of course assumes you have NOT saved after using the Delete All Comboboxes On The Current Sheet***

Built In Help

If you have used ComboBoxes from the Forms Toolbar before, you will probably not need to read the help. If you haven't, no problems as the help is short, direct and to the point.

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Microsoft Excel - From Beginner to Expert in 6 Hours/ EXCEL DASHBOARD REPORTS

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