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Convert Image To PDF: Application Based on Windows Platform

Convert Images to PDF Start. Instant Buy/Download & Risk Free 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


Convert Image To PDF is an application program based on Windows platform, which can directly convert more dozens of image formats, such as TIF, JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, PSD, WMF, EMF, PDF, PCX, PIC and so on, into PDF format, can support manifold conversion way, and automatically clear and skew-correct by adopting special technique for B/W images, to insure display effect of high quality after conversion. If your application program doesn¡¯t require OCR (Optical Character Recognition) function, this software provides a kind of very convenient way to compose electronic books so that users can very conveniently issue it to Web. You can directly scan paper documents into image files by scanner, convert them into PDF file by Convert Image To PDF. Without complicated procedure and operation, it will be very simple to compose electronic books.

Function and face

  • It supports dozens of image formats.
  • It is convenient and easy to operate, and image can be directly dragged from resource explorer and converted fast.
  • It supports sorting on file name when conversion in batch.
  • It supports single file process, single directory process, multi-level directory process and many other process way.
  • For B/W image, it can be set as automatically despeckle (remove noise) and skew-correct operation.
  • In the case of batch conversion, several image files can be merged to create a single PDF file, or each image file be converted into a PDF file.
  • It makes use of effective compression and process way to minimize space occupied by created PDF files. For A4 size of file with B/W image, the size is about 40KB to 50KB per page, color image and gray image are also compressed and optimized.
  • Support drag and drop, easy to use.
  • Supports convert multiple page of image file (such as multi-page TIFF) into one PDF file.
  • Password protection for PDF files with 40 or 128 bit encryption.
  • Set file permissions to restrict printing, copying, and future modifications to the document.
  • Auto open PDF file after creation.
  • Specify any resolution in the generated PDF file.
  • Optimized to increase speed.
  • Set the document title, subject, author and keywords.
  • It support scanner.
  • It support monitor multiple directories.

Main interface of the software:

Add File(s): Add image files to file list
Setting: Set conversion options
Make PDF: Start to create PDF file(s)
Help: Show help document
Close: Exit Convert Image To PDF software
Register: Register the Convert Image To PDF software
View Image Document: Show the Image Document
Delete Selected Items: Delete the selected items from the file list
Delete All items: Remove all image files from file list

1.You may click File List Header to sort the file's order in the generated PDF file
2.Drag and drop files from Windows Explorer

Options of setting interface:

Combine image files into one PDF file: Combine all files in file list into one PDF file.
Convert multiple image files to multiple PDF files: Convert to PDF files for each image file.
Convert multiple directories to multiple PDF files: Convert to PDF files for each directory.

Always ask for filename: Always require user input the pdf file name.
Save to original directories with corresponding filename: The pdf file be generated in the original directory.
Save to following directory or filename: Special the output filename or file path.

Skew correct: Auto skew correct in processing.
Despeckle: Auto removes noise in processing.
PDF DPI Setting: Set the resolution in the result PDF file.
View after conversion: View PDF file as soon as it be created.

Set PDF information.

Set the bookmarks in the generated pdf file.

Set encrypt options in the generated pdf file.

Convert Images to PDF Start. Instant Buy/Download & Risk Free 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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