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Excel Gantt Chart Creator


Gantt Chart Output With 25 Tasks Shown

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Excel Gantt Chart Creator

This project management software for Microsoft Excel is designed for those who need a quick and easy project planning software solution for a reasonable price. The primary feature of this product is a well-designed, easy-to-use Gantt chart used to measure and present your project's progress.

This project management software solution can accommodate up to 25 project tasks and team members. Simply input the project's start and end dates followed by tasks and their individual start and end dates. The project can be up to one year long and each task can have a duration of one week to one year. If desired, you may assign a person or team to each task.

Your Gantt chart is generated immediately. The entire process takes just a few minutes.

Gantt Chart Output With 25 Tasks Shown

Weekly Gantt Chart For Project Sample            
Total Project Timeline1/1/20051/8/20051/15/20051/22/20051/29/20052/5/20052/12/20052/19/20052/26/20053/5/20053/12/20053/19/20053/26/20054/2/20054/9/2005
Timeline For Task 1, Start Date: 1/1/2005, End Date: 2/1/2005, Responsible: Matt+++++          
Timeline For Task 2, Start Date: 2/1/2005, End Date: 3/1/2005, Responsible: Julie     ++++      
Timeline For Task 3, Start Date: 1/1/2005, End Date: 2/28/2005, Responsible: Tom+++++++++      
Timeline For Task 4, Start Date: 2/1/2005, End Date: 2/28/2005, Responsible: John     ++++      
Timeline For Task 5, Start Date: 3/1/2005, End Date: 3/31/2005, Responsible: Katie         ++++  
Timeline For Task 6, Start Date: 2/1/2005, End Date: 2/20/2005, Responsible: Team Green     +++       
Timeline For Task 7, Start Date: 1/1/2005, End Date: 1/16/2005, Responsible: Team Red+++            
Timeline For Task 8, Start Date: 4/1/2005, End Date: 4/15/2005, Responsible: Bob             ++
Timeline For Task 9, Start Date: 2/1/2005, End Date: 3/10/2005, Responsible: Courtney     +++++     
Timeline For Task 10, Start Date: 3/1/2005, End Date: 4/1/2005, Responsible: Jim         ++++  
Timeline For Task 11, Start Date: 4/5/2005, End Date: 4/15/2005, Responsible: Dave              +
Timeline For Task 12, Start Date: 3/1/2005, End Date: 4/10/2005, Responsible: Jenn         ++++++
Timeline For Task 13, Start Date: 2/15/2005, End Date: 2/26/2005, Responsible: Team Alpha       ++      
Timeline For Task 14, Start Date: 1/20/2005, End Date: 1/31/2005, Responsible: Mike   ++          
Timeline For Task 15, Start Date: 3/31/2005, End Date: 4/21/2005, Responsible: Jimmy             ++
Timeline For Task 16, Start Date: 3/1/2005, End Date: 4/1/2005, Responsible: Andy         ++++  
Timeline For Task 17, Start Date: 2/1/2005, End Date: 2/15/2005, Responsible: Cynthia     ++        
Timeline For Task 18, Start Date: 3/10/2005, End Date: 4/30/2005, Responsible: Dawn          +++++
Timeline For Task 19, Start Date: 4/15/2005, End Date: 4/30/2005, Responsible: Jenn               
Timeline For Task 20, Start Date: 2/3/2005, End Date: 3/3/2005, Responsible: Wendy     ++++      
Timeline For Task 21, Start Date: 1/7/2005, End Date: 1/31/2005, Responsible: Tim ++++          
Timeline For Task 22, Start Date: 3/12/2005, End Date: 3/25/2005, Responsible: Don          ++   
Timeline For Task 23, Start Date: 4/10/2005, End Date: 4/28/2005, Responsible: Dave               
Timeline For Task 24, Start Date: 2/10/2005, End Date: 2/28/2005, Responsible: Joe      +++      
Timeline For Task 25, Start Date: 1/15/2005, End Date: 2/1/2005, Responsible: James  +++          

Gantt Chart Output With 5 Tasks Shown

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