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Fast Declare: In most cases when declaring variables, properties or constants you only care about the name and type. E.g. if you select Alt CVS (Code-VB ► Variable ► String) an Input box pops up in which you type the variable name. The result is the same as when you would have selected the variable builder, with all default options.

Tab Order (VB only). Change the tab order easily without having to change the corresponding property on each control manually.

Verify Shortcuts (VB only): Adding shortcuts to controls lets the user move to them without needing to use the mouse. This tool checks if the characters assigned on a form are unique and lets you make changes required.

Select Case from Enum builder as in the dialog would return code like

Code VBA Start / Code VB6 Start.

More on both: Code Line builder > Fragment builder > Fragment editorProcedure builder > Class builder > Property builder > Variable builder > Insert Variable > Argument builder > Constant Builder > Explicit argument > Enum builder > Fast Declare

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