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Advanced Excel Training

Advanced Training in Excel by Excel Developers With Instant Download & 24/7 Free Support

Let OzGrid show you how to step outside the box! We don't teach Excel from a manual, we teach Excel from experience!

You get instant download of your Excel training & FREE Excel question support for LIFE! Ask all/any Excel/VBA questions free in our 24/7 Excel HelpForum. All Lessons Applicable to Excel 97-Excel 2003 and Windows 95 and Above! 30 Day Money Back Guarantee on All Excel/VBA Training. Why no 2007 Excel training yet?

Advanced Excel Training Course Outline:

Advanced Formulas, Advanced Filters, Text To Columns, Importing Text Files, Pivot Tables 1, Pivot Tables 2, Pivot Tables 3 with online tutorial, Scenarios, Goal Seek, Data Tables and Consolidation, Excel on the Web, Macros 1, Macros 2 . + 5 Downloadable  Workbook Examples.

Excel Level 3 Training Payment Problems/Options 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. You will be able to download your training immediately after payment

1-2 user license $29.95
Unlimited user license $39.95

Bundled Excel Training Packages

Excel Level 1, 2 and 3 only $99.00. $39.95

Excel Level 1 and 2 only $75.00. $29.95

Excel Level 2 and 3 only $75.00. $39.95

Excel Level 3 and Excel VBA Level 1 only $75.00 $39.95

Excel Level 3, Excel VBA Level 1 and Excel VBA UserForms only $99.00. $49.95

Excel VBA Level 1 and Excel VBA UserForms, only $75.00. $39.95

Excel 1, 2, 3,  VBA Level 1 and Excel VBA UserForms (The Lot), only $145.00. $59.95

Why No Excel 2007 Training?

Put simply, Ozgrid is not about getting the latest training modules out there for the latest Excel version ASAP to cash in on training frenzies. We base our training on experience, not generically written training manuals, which by the way are often written while the latest version is still in BETA testing infancy. Excel 2007 is the 1st major change, from a end user perspective, since Excel 97. As such, we are NOT going to pretend we have enough experience yet to offer "experience based training". In addition, the latest version has bugs that have not yet been addressed by Microsoft. We estimate about mid-late 2007 before we will have our Excel 2007 training based on experience.