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  • jpmurph
    started a topic Web Query From Multiple Cell References

    Web Query From Multiple Cell References

    In my first worksheet I have a list of states and state abrivations I want to refreence each of the states and return their results on a new worksheet. I've been able to scrap together most of the code, but i'm missing the first part of the code which declares the reference...I Think?!

    Looking forward to you input, thanks!

            MyName = "Query" & State
            ConnectString = "URL;" & State
            ActiveSheet.Name = State
            ' On the Workspace worksheet, clear all existing query tables
            For Each QT In ActiveSheet.QueryTables
            Next QT
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  • flem
    started a topic Forecasting, running totals

    Forecasting, running totals

    Hi All!

    I am a very inexperienced excel user and have been working on a spreadsheet for my boss and am in desperate need of some assistance.

    The attached file is what I have come up with so far. Excuse the long winded formulas but like i mentioned above my excelpertise are limited

    The input contractors sheet allows you to input the amount of 3/6 month contractors for a month and then shows the breakdown of contractors on our books for the next 3/6 months with 50% of the contractors falling off every 3/6 months.

    What I need to do now is allow the 3/6 months to become a variable and the percentage (50%) of fall offs to also become a variable.

    In addition I have to allow me to replace the forecasted figure with the...
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  • awilkins
    started a topic Merge Duplicates then Sum and Count values

    Merge Duplicates then Sum and Count values

    I often need to merge multiple occurences of data (tax addresses & tax names) and to sum or count the values associated with each invividual instance (i.e number of units per tax address). Data can often be thousands of rows and varies every time. I would like to keep all of the associated information with each entry for mailing purposes. I saw this link...

    However, the VBA macro, when run, only keeps my tax address an the associated sum. Please let me know if there is a way to alter the code to make this possible. I will attach the file I am working with....
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  • negativeOne
    started a topic Combine Duplicate Rows

    Combine Duplicate Rows

    I have a document with duplicates entries, and was wondering how I could combine duplicates

    ie, I have:
    Colom A, Colom b
    bob, 10
    lisa, 5
    bob, 6
    lisa, 2
    mark, 4
    mark, 1
    bob, 2

    I want:
    Colom A, Colom b
    bob, 18
    lisa, 7
    mark, 5

    Any suggestions? Is there a built in tool?
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  • shrodekill
    started a topic Sum by variable date criteria

    Sum by variable date criteria

    Hello, I have been looking around for a way to do this and haven't quite found what I am looking for. I have a list of entries, each with a date and a number associated with that date. Currently, these dates are stored as Excel dates, and I would like to keep it that way if possible. What I am trying to do is do something like this "=SUMIF(Sheet2!A2:A16, "1/1/2009",Sheet2!B2:B16)", but instead of it needing to be the first of the month, I would like to have any day of the month be valid. However, =SUMIF(Sheet2!A2:A16, "1/*/2009",Sheet2!B2:B16) does not work, likely due to the value actually being a simple date number.

    I imagine this is possible using SUM(IF()), but I could not figure it out.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated,...
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