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    Hi all.

    Please, how would I go to click on a website button.

    The html looks like this :

    <div class="boton left">

    <a onclick="SEFIN.forms.viewaccount()">View Invoice</a>

    I've tried without sucess:

    IE.document.getelementsbyclassname("boton a")(0).Click and

    IE.document.getElementsByName("View Invoice")(1).Click

    Many thanks in advance.

    Re: Conditional Format Traffic Light - get the current color of the circle

    Hi Luke, thanks for reply. I was afraid about that.

    I have about 30 rows with data and each row with a different rule (values) from other for CF, so I would have to right a specific formula for each row. That´s why I thought to identify the results by it's circle color in order to easily tabulate them.

    Thank you for your time.

    Re: Skipping one column while arranging vertical data into horizontal by using macro

    Quote from arun ebl;711704

    Again i require a help how to sort if the row is having a alphabet with number..

    Instead of A,B,C,D
    it will be A1,A2,A3,A4


    Re: Multiple Search Criteria in Worksheet_SelectionChange

    Hi. I did some adjustments on your code. Try and see if this is what you need.

    Re: Skipping one column while arranging vertical data into horizontal by using macro

    Maybe doing a "sort" after copy the areas.

    Re: Countifs and Match

    Hi. See if this could help.

    1. =COUNTIFS(INDIRECT("B"&MATCH(R3,A5:A8,0)+4&":O"&MATCH(R3,A5:A8,0)+4),"H*",$B$4:$O$4,">=" & $R$1,$B$4:$O$4,"<=" & $R$2)

    Re: Macro to insert cell values in another sheet depending on value and format

    I took your idea from post #2. See if this is what you need.

    Re: Copy row from one sheet to another - but paste in row 1

    a work around

    Re: need help on copy row to another sheet

    One way: the code below goes into the sheet 'net' module. To move the row contents to other sheet double click on the cell that holds the sheet name in column 'B' of the sheet 'net'.

    1. Private Sub Worksheet_BeforeDoubleClick(ByVal Target As Range, Cancel As Boolean)
    2. Cancel = True
    3. Dim LR As Long
    4. With Sheets(Target.Value)
    5. LR = .Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Row
    6. .Cells(LR + 1, 1).Resize(, 6).Value = Cells(Target.Row, 1).Resize(, 6).Value
    7. End With
    8. Rows(Target.Row).Delete
    9. End Sub

    Re: Conditional Formatting every other record based on a date

    If you want to try a macro solution, try this code:

    Re: Conditional formatting

    If I understood correctly what you mean I suggest you use the same rules that were used on the other sheet but in reverse order. That is, put the rule that fills with red at the first place and that which fills with green at second. On the CF Rules Manager window you can alter the rule position by selecting the rule and clicking on the arrow buttons right above the "Applies to" text.

    By the way, I think you can simplify this formula used to CF

    to this

    Re: Loop through all sheets and save the sheet name in a cell

    Try this code.

    Re: Lock cell on protected sheet after data is entered

    Please, try. I added the lines #4 and #12.

    Re: Lock cell on protected sheet after data is entered

    Hello, MGSL.
    Try replacing only the first code of post #5 (hold the second) by this below:

    1. Change the password in the code (2x) if you want, of course ...
    2. Don't forget to protect your VBA Project from viewing, otherwise others could access the code and see the password.
    3. Replacing the first code only, as said above, the file will be saved as time is inserted by right clicking only. If you also want to save it after a value is inserted into columns LOG TYPE or Comment, replace the second code too by this one below