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    All you need to do is add a Function that will check if your file exists. Change your macro like this and add the Function (it's at the bottom).

    Have a try with the two changes I made in your macro. Once the columns N and O are filled they can't be updated again by the macro.

    This means that now they are coupled as they are in the second macro, so, what's wrong ?

    You better Debug your macro. Maybe disabling the On Error Resume Next would help to receive more information and placing a stop (F9) at the beginning of the macro and then proceeding with F8 once launched will let you evaluate the real contents of the variables involved (hovering over with mouse or using the Immediate Panel).

    Yes, you missed one of the five lines, the first, this one:

    1. For Each ws In Worksheets

    was to substituted with:

    1. For Each WorksheetName In Array("BATHROOM", " BATHROOM2", " BATHROOM3")

    you just added it.

    As you can see in the section "' Loop through other sheets and make the same changes" at the moment you have two 'For' and only one 'Next'. Doing so VBE will non compile the code.

    Add at the beginning at the end of your macro the lines marked: '<= added and choose what to do with the line marked:

    1. '<= do not use or change to True

    At the moment I only found a 'stupid' workaround for my post #8, please add these 3 line just before the last End If in my macro (post #2) that handles the event Worksheet_Change:

    1. Application.EnableEvents = False
    2. Range(Target.Address).Offset(0, 1).Select 'moves right
    3. Application.EnableEvents = True

    Maybe it's me not understanding.

    First of all the Master is the only sheet that has data and all the other are empty, when you change status in column K of sheet Master, lets say from 'nothing' to 'PO Sent', the macro will copy the row to sheet POSnt. When later you make a change on the same row in sheet Master, lets say 'PO Sent' to 'Completed', the macro will once again copy the row this time to sheet 'Cmpltd' and at the same time delete the same row in sheet 'PO Sent'. If in the meantime you have done changes in sheet POSnt these will be lost.

    Have a go with the macro I created in the MASTER sheet module.