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    This sets the filters for GestSaveAsFileName.

    What Format do you need to add?

    The code that I gave you will loop through the cells until it reaches an empty cell.

    I've looked at your last workbook and this code runs fine

    Your unused code needs deleting

    Your code seems to loop through the hyperlinks in the workbook that you attached to copy files from that hyperlink. It's difficult to test the code because I don't have the required files.

    What is actually happening?

    This should work from your personal workbook

    No error at all for me. I've run it several times.

    The AutoFilter takes place in the original workbook

    Are you using the same example workbook? Does each sheet have data starting in A1?

    Line 26 checks if AutoFilter is on, if it isn't then it switches it on, if there is no data in A1 then it will error

    1. If Not .AutoFilterMode Then .Range("A1").AutoFilter

    Try this, it removes the data that has been transferred

    You aren't setting the ranges correctly.

    I can't understand what your loop is for.

    I think this is doing what you want

    I think this does all you want