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    I have a file, that I send each week to several members of the management. Each person gets a different sheet of that file (excel), along with a covering memo (word document). If I included the e-mail addresses of the persons I want to receive each sheet on that sheet, is there a macro that can autosend the e-mails for me and attaching the word document on it as well??
    PS. I use Microsoft Outlook:puzzled:

    Chris thank you..... :lol:

    It is absolutely great... It is a bit slow as I have about 150 sheets!!! and a few thousand rows!!!! BUT IT IS GREAT!

    Roy thank you too. Your addition makes things a little faster.....

    THanks a million:D

    Thank you all for your suggestions.

    Chris, as names might be changing.... would it be possible to have your code as well, so as to explore all my options?

    Thank you

    Well yes I have increased the row height to about 50 (passport size).
    Chris, what you suggest with "Schumaher Case" might actually work.... Will I still be able to mail merge and get the actual picture? Where will the actual pictures be stored? If the actual picture is bigger, can it be automatically resized to a specified size??

    TRy the following.... though is not a macro :D
    In a new column write the folowing formula:
    =concatenate(area code cell, phone number cell)

    copy this formula, down to cover all your requested area, then copy this column and do paste special as values over it.

    THen you can delete the initail two columns if you do not want them...
    Hope that was helpful

    I have the personal details of some people in excel. Now, i want to add another column (named photo) and for each person to have his/her picture (.tif or jpeg format) in specific cell, so as when I sort the data the associated picture goes along with it.
    I can easily add the picture as an embedded object, but cannot seem to link it within specific cell.

    THank you

    Is it possible to add subtotals to a file, and each subtotal (with the data it sums) to be shown in a separate sheet within the same workbook and the new sheet to be renamed with the subtotal name??

    Thank you

    :( Thank you Will, but the macro, "thinks" a lot & I have no results!

    I attach a small file (with only 20 rows).
    & while you are at it, is it possible to rename each new sheet with the name of the value in column A?

    Thank you

    I have a big file (over 10,000 rows x 20 columns) full of data ,sorted by column A.
    I need to split this file in various sheets, in the same workbook at each change of column A.

    Is there a macro that can do that for me, given that this is something I need to do every month, and the change is not always at the same row?

    Thank you...