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    Like royUK mentioned. Pictures don't do it.

    I just took a stab at it from what I gathered what is in the pics.


    Yes, I was. The way it was worded gave me that impression.

    JimmyB was asked twice, in Post $3 and Post #4, to explain what he wants to achieve but never did.

    The code that was supplied in Post #6 needed the asked for explanation IMHO

    As "Mumps" mentioned, don't be shy by giving us needed information in a concise manner.

    You have to remember that you have the workbook in question in front of you while we're just taking a stab at what we think it looks like.

    For lack of pertinent info, either of these or a combination maybe.

    1. Sub Maybe_A()
    2. Dim txtArr, i As Long
    3. txtArr = Array("Text1", "Text2", "Text3") '<---- List of values. Expand as required
    4. For i = LBound(txtArr) To UBound(txtArr)
    5. MsgBox Columns(5).Find(txtArr(i), , , 1).Offset(, -2).Value
    6. Next i
    7. End Sub

    1. Sub Maybe_B()
    2. Dim c As Range
    3. For Each c In Range("H2:H" & Cells(Rows.Count, 8).End(xlUp).Row) '<---- List of values to be found
    4. Columns(5).Find(c, , , 1).Offset(, 2).Value = Columns(5).Find(c, , , 1).Offset(, -2).Value
    5. Next c
    6. End Sub

    Same first 2 sentences in Post #2 should be looked at.

    Have not tried it but I am sure you will and let us know if it works.

    Try on a copy of your original and thoroughly check result.

    It's slow but still faster than manually

    End Sub

    1. Sub Maybe()
    2. Dim ws As Worksheet, shp As Shape
    3. Set ws = ActiveSheet '<---- Change to proper sheet name if so desired
    4. For Each shp In ws.Shapes
    5. If Not Intersect(shp.TopLeftCell, Range("A2:C100")) Is Nothing Then shp.Delete
    6. Next shp
    7. End Sub

    If you prefer to have 30 Buttons rather than 1, this should do that.

    Link all Buttons to this macro and you should be good to go.

    Put this code in a regular module (i.e. Module1)

    I cleared "Products" sheet.

    I copied columns A to I data from "Label" sheet into "Products" sheet.

    I cleared the data (Columns A to I) in "Label" sheet. "Label" sheet is now totally empty.

    Re: contains lots of company sensitive information

    That's the advantage of having a keyboard with a computer. That can be changed to non sensitive text.

    Your attachment has in the one sheet 10 headers and in the next sheet 9 headers.

    In Post #4 you say 3 columns = sizes(5) = 8 + total = 9

    So is it safe to assume that the 2nd sheet (label) is the setup to go by?

    Re: Hi, No in the actual file only the required columns for the labels are copied across. There are many cols that are irrelevant. Cheers

    Tells us totally nothing.

    If you don't attach an exact copy of your workbook explaining in detail what needs to be included and what needs to be excluded, you'll end up with

    a multitude of posts that needs to change to get your desired result.

    A proper explanation should only need one or two answers that give you the desired result.