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    Good Day!

    What I have at the moment:

    Multiple worksheets in a workbook that contains data to be plotted on a chart.

    The file is attached as an example. The source data is from rows 50-56.

    I would like to have the secondary axis equal the value in cell AF132

    I have attached an example of one worksheet. There are about 20 worksheets per workbook and about 15 workbooks.

    I have already built some code that will build these tabs from a template so the formatting is not important. Plotting the data and changing the min/max scale is the need.

    Also, if it is too much to accomplish based on the bottom chart.. Simply plot the data on the top chart.

    Willing to pay if this is too much to handle for somebody...

    Re: Update Multiple Sheets From CSV File

    I will try and answer these questions as best as possible.

    The first thing that needs addressed is what a WBS is and how it works. (very short summary)

    Sample WBS

    The workhours in WBS "element" 1.1 will be a total of 1.1

    1.2 will be a total of 1.2.1 and 1.2.2

    So 1.1 AND 1.2 will be totaled into the top tier of "1".

    Formula: 1=(1+2); 1.1=(1.1.1); 1.2=(1.2.1+1.2.2)


    The values of each WBS element will transfer into the "LATE PLAN" and "EARLY PLAN" in each corresponding tab. The dates START IN CELL B132, the "EARLY PLAN" STARTS IN CELL C132 and the "LATE PLAN" STARTS IN CELL E132.

    The CUM is simply a total of the WBS elements as you are progressing through the weeks / months / years.. etc. I can take that out of the CSV file if it would make things easier...


    Also, will the name in the CSV file always follow the format of "6-TP MAST.99.99.99", which transforms into a worksheet name of "TP_99.99.99"


    The 6-TP MAST.99.99.99 will ALWAYS follow that format and transform into the tabs.


    Will the worksheet name in the CSV file always exist as a worksheet in the workbook? (i.e. is it guaranteed that a sheet will always exist for the data in the CSV file....

    It doesn't have to be, but it could if necessary. One thing to point out.. These CSV files will be "dumped" from a program on a weekly basis. And essentially that is why I am attempting to automate this as efficiently as possible.


    Finally will the 7 day periods in the CSV file always exist in the given worksheet (or at least can you guarantee that all the periods start on the same [7 day] date).

    YES! These week ending periods will always stay the same.

    Feel free to send me a message and I am more than willing to talk about this on the phone or via email if it makes things easier. Of course the amount and payment method etc. will be worked through this website.

    Re: Update Multiple Sheets From CSV File

    Thanks for the input and replies.

    I will try and go to and get it posted there.


    It truly depends on how many "bells and whistles" are going to be added to this file. I understand a stated amount needs to be added to the post, but until somebody tells me what they will attempt to do than it is somewhat hard to estimate the "job".

    It could be anywhere from $50-$500 dollars.. Again... Depending on what type of work will be done.

    I hope this clears up any misunderstandings. I am truly trying to abide by the rules set forth by this wonderful website.



    I have a fairly large Excel Workbook with 76 tabs. The workbook works just fine, but I would like to automate the manual process a little further.

    In the first tab I have a list. The second tab there is a template. I have written code to build the template in a new tab based on the original list.

    Each week I will have data "dumped" from another program into a .csv file that will need to be added to most all of the tabs. I would like to automate this process as much as possible. If somebody would like to take this on.. please let me know. Also, there will be some more work to do on seperating data out.


    Tried numerous times to post the file... Tried zipping it up and still no luck...

    Please send message if interested.