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    Hi Guys, I have read with interest the ongoing debate about securing Excel spreadsheets, and I am well aware of the limitations of creating a truly secure workbook.

    With this in mind I have hidden sensitive data using the "Very Hidden" command in VBA. I think this is very useful because sheets which are very hidden do not show up in the "file properties" dialog.

    However any named range contained on a very hidden sheet is still visible in the properties dialog. A user might not be able to access the named range, but s/he will know it is there.

    So basically I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to apply "very hidden" characteristics to named ranges?



    Thanks John, i used your idea and came up with the VBA code:
    Selection.Verb Verb:=xlOpen
    Selection.Name = "ENGLISH1"

    this copies the template, opens it, renames the file and pastes a fresh template for next time around.



    I have a spreadsheet that is sent out to a number of users. as part of the sheet there is a standard letter which is embeded into the spreadsheet. i have written a macro to update this embeded file with information from the spreadsheet.

    however when the documnent is closed it saves any changes into the embeded file.

    i need this file to be a clean template for the next time the macro is run.
    Can someone suggest a way to stop the embeded file being saved? or perhaps another solution to this problem?

    Many thanks


    I have a user form with six text boxes that i am using as an input form. i have it all set up to copy the values from the form into the spreadsheet concerned. However when i type in numerical values they are pasted into excel as text (probably obvious sionce it is a text box). Is there any way that i can get my form to paste numerical values into the spreadsheet?

    my code is
    Sheets("Quote").Range("E3").Value = Input_program
    Sheets("Quote").Range("E4").Value = Input_A
    Sheets("Quote").Range("E5").Value = Input_B
    Sheets("Quote").Range("E6").Value = Input_C
    Sheets("Quote").Range("E7").Value = Input_D
    Sheets("Quote").Range("E8").Value = Input_E




    I have some code that copies one sheet into a new workbook (Values only). i have created another sub that will create a button and bind a macro to it. However i am unable to find a way to copy the code into the new workbook so that it can be bound to the button.
    does anyone have any ideas how i can do


    Hi i was hoping some one might be able to help. i want to runa macro on a given date. i am using the Private sub Workbook_open() to ensure the macro is running.

    Basically all i want to say is

    If today = 19/2/04 then
    run another sub.

    however this simplified approach does not work, could some one please advise how i can acheive this?


    i have a two column word table template and would like to paste excel data into column 2.
    So far i have
    Sub Paste_word()
    Set wrd = GetObject(, "Word.Application"):

    With wrd:
    With .Selection

    Set MyRange = .Goto(wdGoToField, wdGoToPrevious)
    .MoveDown Count:=6
    .MoveRight Unit:=wdCell
    .PasteExcelTable False, False, False
    End With
    End With

    End Sub

    When i get to the .MoveRight Unit:=wdCell line i get a 4120 Bad Parameter error.

    I can run this code in Word correctly but not in excel.

    Could you please advise how i can get excel to change into the second column of my word table?


    I am new to macros and could do with some help.

    I have a formaula in say cell A1, i would like a macro that will check this cell and when the result of the formula changes run another macro.

    Can you please help?