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    Re: Find Cells Contaning Text Not Numbers

    Many thanks Guys,

    Reafidy, using the find BOLD seems to work fine, I will have to test that on the proper data and see what the results are like - but I think it will work!

    Jindon, thanks for your input, I will have to tweak that a bit to see if it can give me the result I require, as is it does not allow me to extract each group on its own, but rather groups all the data together, But an interesting bit of code - and thanks to Reafidy for the typo correction.


    Re: Find Cells Contaning Text Not Numbers. (vba)

    Yes, I could do that, but was attemting to avoid [COLOR="Blue"]looping[/COLOR] through thousands of cells to keep the code a little faster. ( I understand [COLOR="RoyalBlue"]find[/COLOR] is a lot faster than looping)
    For each name, there could be potentially several thousand cells with the numeric data

    I need to find cells containing text (Alpha characters only) in a single column, an return the row(+1 then -1). The column contains Group names (Unknown) , and under each name follows numeric data until the next group name. The cells are not formatted other than BOLD names. I need to exctract the numeric data in groups.

    I have manged using the following code, but this always assumes there is an "e" in the name, but would prefer a more foolproof method. (I used "e" cos it is ok so far, BUT this could change in the future)

    Any good ideas?

    Re: Copying Filtered Data

    Tried it here, it sems to only copy visible data, but you could try this?

    1. For Each rngData In Range("E4:CR258").Columns
    2. rngData.AutoFilter Field:=1, Criteria1:="<>"
    3. rngdata.SpecialCells(xlCellTypeVisible).Copy
    4. rngData.EntireColumn.Cells(263, 1).PasteSpecial xlPasteValues
    5. rngData.AutoFilter
    6. Next

    Re: Find Text Based On Active Cell Contents


    I am not an expert, but here is my solution:


    'assign macro button to "Find_Selected" & change the range values and sheet name to suit,
    'foundcell returns cell address where value is found on sheet2