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    Re: Dynamic Moving Camera


    Yup, pretty cool. Could you link it to scroll bars instead of buttons, it might be faster and more user friendly / intuitive?


    Re: Resize Userform For Different Computers


    This is likely to be down to the screen resolution used on different computers.

    I have seen in the past different ways of changing the screen resolution so I'd start searching there.

    You would be surprised how many people this would annoy to the point of not using your workbook though.


    Re: Sub***() Line Throws Invalid Use Of Property


    1. Range("D65536").End (xlUp)

    Isn't correct I think

    also get rid of the "_" after SkipBlanks and put that all on one line.

    This should get you closer.


    Re: Two Spreadsheets Within Powerpoint


    It appears that Powerpoint accepts the objects as individual instances of the source workbook. As a result there is no link between the source and the instance (or instances) displayed on the sheet.

    One way round this may be to insert one sheet with all the data you want but to have it display in such a way that it looks like two seperate sheets.


    Re: Show Sheet Based On Weekday Name


    In the ThisWorkbook code sheet put a Workbook_Open macro usine

    1. Select Case WeekDay(Now())
    2. Case 1 ' Sunday
    3. ...
    4. Case 2 ' Monday
    5. ...

    Find the code for making sheets hidden and very hidden by recording macros to get the code.

    Personally I would use a Workbook_Close to hide all the sheets and the Workbook_Open to show the one sheet you want.



    Re: Ignore Blank Cells In Mail Merge


    The answer is in the word doc, not the database.

    Try a shuffle around the help file.

    To prevent blanks lines with Microsoft Word fields such as IF, SET, and ASK, do the following:

    If a field (such as ASK or SET) has no resulting text, you can insert the field within the standard text. If you must place the field in a separate paragraph, format the paragraph mark (¶) as hidden text. Before you merge the documents, clear the Hidden text check box on the Print tab in the Options dialog box (Tools menu).
    If text inserted by an IF field must be printed in a separate paragraph, include the paragraph mark in the field instructions. Insert the IF field in the main document; then, with field codes displayed, insert the paragraph mark within the appropriate set of quotation marks. In the following example, Word inserts the paragraph mark that follows "brochure" only if the text is printed.
    { IF { MERGEFIELD Product } = "Pasta" "We have expanded our line of pasta products. Please see the enclosed brochure.¶

    " " " } Thank you for your order.¶


    Re: Return 1st Non Zero Value From Range

    Hmm, still no joy.

    See the attached, this may help explaining matters. It may be the way the data is laid out. I have inserted the formula in Col X row 7 to 20 and the results differ per row.



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    Re: Page Number In Word


    You need to look at Section Breaks and then have the page numbering follow the previous section, or not.

    On the header/footer toolbar look at "link to previous".


    Re: Return Data From Leftmost Used Cell

    Thanks for the responses, Bill / Sicarri, I'll try them both when I get back to work.

    Sicarii, I realise that now, the data is the rightmost but viewed from where I want the answer it's to the left. It's all relative I guess.

    TheDude... all the data arrives at once, there's no time element to use but cheers anyway.



    I have 10 columns and 10 rows of data. Not all of the 100 cells contain data.

    I am looking for a formula that will return the value contained in the right most non zero or blank cell

    Eg Row 1 =
    1, 2, 4, 2, blank, 4, 3, blank, 0, blank
    In Column 11 I want a formula that returns 3. i.e. it reads accross until it finds a value and returns it.

    The target data is not neccesarily unique, the highest or the lowest.

    Can anyone help (without nested IF statements as there may be up to 100 columns)

    Thanks in advance