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    Hi Roy.. I am still not getting the latest TEST macro to operate properly. There is approx, 50 of 150 odd, varied numbers not operating. During my reading came across an item indicating that a sort done in excel & selected columns, copy/pasted by a macro can cause problems. Make sense to u? I have pasted columns and they copy/pasted between files. eg. AutoOpen in Database21. Have attached 2 files. Updated Database21, Selectors(that DB21 draws on and the (2021 Members playing positions etc.) that the secretary looks after. Can't do much more.

    Hoping this finds you happy and well


    Hi Roy

    Read your very informative "Where to put your code" learnt a lot thank you.

    Your new code is still performing as in my last message. 1 to 17, 2 to 12, etc. Now know how to create an event module.

    Have added two files to attachments. Database21, and Selectors. To give you an idea of what I am trying to achieve.

    One last request, is it possible to Goto G1 & clear the contents after each "y" is entered.

    Hello Roy, Thank you for the very quick reply. Went to bed 1.00 am after playing with it. Had a very busy day. There appears to be a problem as follows. Number 1 places y in 17, 2 y in 12, 3 in 13, 7 in 17, 5 in 15. There's a trend here, but why is 4 & 6 OK? Would you have a look at the following. If after entering a "y" the cursor could be moved to G1 and the contents cleared. This would enable a number to be entered without having to setup G1 each time.

    I look forward to your reply with much interest. A great big thank u in advance. The bowlers will be able to toddle on to the rinks score cards in hand a little sooner.