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    Hi alansidman, thank you for taking the time to respond!

    The code works perfectly but it loops thru just those 10 sample entries. I have 65000 entries that need to be sorted. Was trying to figure it out but so far haven't learned how to do that.

    Hi All! I am seeking help and any advice on following challenge.

    1. There are in total 65000 data entries in original file that need to be sorted and rearranged.

    2. Column A has unique number for each row.

    3. Column B has unique entry for multiple rows

    4. Column C contains data that needs to be:

    4.1. Checked for duplicates

    4.2. Remove duplicates

    4.3. Rearrange and move data in a new (specific) cell horizontally and with comma separated each value.

    Example is in attached file.

    Any comments and advise is highly appreciated.