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    Hi there,

    I am trying to look up the top 10 values in California (or "CA" in the example) and then return them into a different sheet.

    In the attached example, I would like Sheet 1, F5, to have the largest value in California, having looked up from column H in sheet 2. I would then like the second, third, fourth etc. largest values down to 10.

    Sheet 2 - look up column H for "CA", return value in column C.

    Columns D and H both have formulas in.

    I've tried Large, IF. INDEX, Large, IF and can't get anything to work.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!


    I'm getting a For without Next error and need help finishing this code:

    Click “Summarise” button

    “Bound” and “Quoted” from column F

    P10m sheet – A7 into “Summary” Tab A6

    M7 into “Summary” Tab B6

    U7 into “Summary” Tab C6

    L7 into “Summary” Tab D6

    Sort into descending order on column D premium values.

    If I were to add a second tab for example “$15m xs $10m” tab, it would add a separate table in the “Summary” tab next to the original table. Can this table be added automatically?

    $15m xs $10m sheet – A7 into “Summary” Tab I6

    M7 into “Summary” Tab J6

    U7 into “Summary” Tab K6

    L7 into “Summary” Tab L6

    Is there a limit to the number of times I could do this?

    Hi there, I am VERY new to VBA code and hoping someone can help with what is probably a very simple bit of code.

    I have a data sheet (Sheet 1) with rows of data in it. If I select a dropdown in column F7 to "Bound" I then want to be able to transfer selected cells (A1, M7, U7 and L7, in that order) into another table on a separate tab.

    I want to transfer A1 into A6, M7 into B6, U7 into C6 and L7 into D6.

    I have managed to use the follow code to recognise the word "Bound" but I can't work out how to transfer only selected cells.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!