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    Dear All,

    I'm new to the forum so please excuse in case this question may have been raised beforehand.

    I'm new to VBA but would like to automate a process which I am currently doing manually. As this may become relevant, I am working with Office 2016 Professional Plus .

    On a daily basis, I'm receiving standardized emails from clients.The body of the email is always the same and contains variables that I would like to add into a spreadsheet. As the email address is dedicated to those emails, there won't be other emails in the inbox.

    The email is basically set up in the following way:


    First Name: XYZ

    Last Name: XYZ

    DOB: XZY

    Phone Number:

    Question with yes or no as an answer option


    Currently I am copying the respective field into the columns of my excel Sheet whereas

    A: First Name

    B: Last Name

    C: DOB

    D: Phone Number

    E: Yes or no

    Before going too deep into this, I am wondering if this is something which can in principle be automated and if so, would someone be able to give me a helping hand for this?

    Thank you in advance