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    I have sheet with all the games i collected over the years in the following format

    A - numbers

    B - Game Name

    C - Own

    D - Completed

    E - Date finished

    F - Year of release

    G - Launcher i.e. Steam, EPIC and so on

    H - Launcher 2 as above

    I - Launcher 3 as above

    J - Platform - PC, Playstation 4 and so on

    K - Platform 2 as above

    this sheet is called Input

    so what i want to do is make another sheet with the games that are from a particular launcher, so lets say i want to see the games that are on Epic launcher,

    i have used this formula to get the first column (G), but cannot get the 2nd or third column to find them


    can anybofy help me with this please


    I want to make a computer game database with excel, but do not know how to start..

    i want to be able to enter the name, publisher, year, system and genre i.e.

    Name ? A Game
    Publisher ? Pub
    Year ? i would like a drop down menu to choose the year
    System ? as above
    Genre as above

    Also i would like to be able to add a screenshot of the game if that is possible

    I am new to excel programming

    Re: Soccer Game

    Yes i have searched the forum, but still do not know how to select teams and i have look at the link you sent, as i said before i searched all the forum.

    Sorry about the multiple questions, i will stick to one from now on.

    How do i input teams please

    hi this is my first post on this forum.

    I would like to make a soccer game in excel, there are two divisions of eight teams, and 77 non league teams.

    I want to be able to enter the teams and then randomdly do the fixtures and when that is done i would like to be able to enter the scores and on another worksheet have the table.

    can anybody help me with this please...