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    Thanks for your reply Mumps,

    I am trying to Select the row in JWTESTLIST.xlsx and use this information to populate the corresponding cells in JWTESTBPE.xlsm overwriting what may already be in the cells.

    The reason I would like to select each row rather than use the range is because In real life there will be multiple rows and I would like to quickly choose which row to copy.

    Each row will populate a separate workbook and it would be very time consuming to Type ranges every-time.

    I have attached the two files and very much appreciate any help!


    • JWTESTBPE.xlsm

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    • JWTESTLIST.xlsx

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    Hi there

    I am trying to Copy a selected Row to a Report (in a separate workbook), only issue is I need each cell in the row to go to a different location on a sheet.

    I am populating a report where the information is kept in a separate workbook and the report is formatted completely differently.

    Each row I want to copy will become a separate report but if I can select each individual row and populate a report individually i would help greatly.

    If anyone can help it would be much appreciated.