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    I have a column with the numbers 1-200 decending in each cell. In the next column I wish to put the letter R within multiple cells in the same column.

    I would like every time I put the letter R in a cell to copy all numbers down over beside it and then paste in the next line below. i.e I could have each number cell 1,2,3,4,4,5,6,7,8 if I put the R next to the next column next to the number four.

    Any script that would do this automatically would be much appreciated.

    I am able to get this formula to work on a single cell, but wish for it to work on a range of cells. When I use a range I get the Value error, I would be grateful if anyone knows what I could do to rectify this. I want a single cell to show R = Redacted Call whenever the letter R is placed within the range of G6:G203.

    =IF(G6="R", "R = Redacted Call", "") This works, but I need it to work on a range and not a single cell.

    =IF(G6:G203="R", "R = Redacted Call", "") Returns the value error

    Any help would be most appreciated.

    I need help with this code. The code runs as it should from excel converter pdf to word, however when I open the word document I will find on some pages the last sentence of a paragraph has been moved from it’s original table location and placed to the bottom of the page to which the table is on.

    Each page contains two Columns with subject being in the first containing a couple of words, and free text in the second containing a paragraph of text to which I have the problem. Any ideas on something I could do in below code to rectify it?

    Hi Rory,

    I have managed to resolve my last issue based on your previous post. Thanks again.

    Hi Rory, that works as should thanks very much.

    I have another thread on here with the same problem which includes the prior sub routine to this one as attached. I have it listed as "Highlight key words and paragraphs in all word documents in a set folder" to which i am getting the same error message. That script was also not designed for excel, but need it to suit my needs.

    Do you think you could do your magic on that thread as well please with it being the same error message? the debug is highlighting :-Pre redaction tool.xlsm

    1. Set oDoc = Documents.Open(FileName:=sFldr & vFile)

    Pre redaction tool.xlsm

    I am trying to run below macro but get a "Run-time error 462 : The remote server machine does not exist or is unavailable” with line 12 highlighted on the debug of below code.

    I have searched all over for a resolution, any help and support would be much appreciated.

    Morning Roy,

    I have got it to work without converting the PDF's to word. MS word opens the PDF in word in the same format, the only problem I have now is I get a save as pop up box asking me which location i would like to save the .doc file to and I have got to press save every time.

    If I click cancel on the save as I get Run-time error '4198' Command failed. More than likely because I interupted the loop process.

    Below is what is highlighted at the very bottom of the script on the debug.

    Is it possible to amend the script to automatically save to the same location it opened the file without the save as box opening up.

    I feel that we are so close. :)



    1. oDoc.Close SaveChanges:=True

    Hi Roy,

    after a few hours of tweaking I have managed to get it to work, please see code below.

    However I am getting an intermitent run time error '462': The remote server machine does not exist or is unavailable, Set oDoc = Documents.Open(FileName:=sFldr & vFile) is highlighted on line 32.

    This runtime message will pop up but if i stop it and run the macro a second time it will work.

    I have a pdf to word macro running straight before it runs this macro. Do you think it might need a delay between macro's in order for it to carry out it's procedure?

    I am not sure why it is doing it, any ideas?