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    I have a simple employee data entry user form with an edit feature. When a row is selected and the edit button is clicked it repopulates the user form so it can be edited and saved. I have an issue with the date column coming back in a different format other than date. It seems to be changing to a general format and giving me a general number other than the date. Does one have any suggestions on how I can get the date to come back correctly?

    Here is the code

    I have created a simple data entry form to enter data. It has eleven columns in the database but only displays nine columns in the user form. The last two columns, J and K do not display in the user forum. The last two columns are auto generated when the user clicks save.

    The form is working and adding the data to the database properly, but the last two rows are not displaying in the user form.

    Can someone tell me what I did wrong?